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  1. The oddest situation I've ever had is when the buyer wanted me to hand deliver a physical folder of printed articles to them at their house... halfway across the country. I thought it was a joke at first, but they were quite adamant that the $20 or so they were paying me could absolutely cover air fare.
  2. If you have a technical issue with a message not going through, I doubt Customer Service told you to ask other sellers on the forum. What kind of offer are you trying to send?
  3. As long as it's under 24 hours, you won't get penalized. The only way to make the average shorter is to answer future messages more quickly. Basic math.
  4. Take time to search through the forum for the many, many posts made by TRSs and other experts. Only take advice from people with a strong track record of success. And what the heck is with the "f" posts? Just save the thread if you think it's so important instead of spamming nonsense.
  5. Is this about buying gigs on Fiverr or online dating advice?
  6. It doesn't matter what they say, give you, or promise. You cannot contact anyone or arrange payment outside Fiverr. If THEY did that, report them and stop communicating with them entirely. If YOU did that, expect your account to get a warning or closed.
  7. From a quick Google search, about 3.5 million accounts.
  8. Paperback cover dimensions depend on the word count of the manuscript. KDP gives a template or specific dimensions the designer should use. It includes bleed zones (or whatever they're officially called) and such so you get both covers and spine correct. Either the buyer has to tell you this precisely, provide the template, or you'd need a KDP account to fetch the template yourself.
  9. That message from Fiverr doesn't make sense to me. Is it possible this has to do with different currency conversions? Just a guess.
  10. I just had to chime in and say, "No!" No buyers should expect sellers to work at all without an order. No sellers should ever do work without an order in place. That is not only against the rules but a wide open door to scammers.
  11. I agree completely. I've had people message me with things similar to, 'god willing, you will take my order.' Ick. I turned down a buyer the other day (service I didn't provide) and their response was, 'I'll pray for you." To each their own when it comes to religion, but no deities are going to convince me to take you on as a client. All glory to Fiber forever. Congas! 🙌
  12. With 11 years of business behind you, I'd think you'd understand rules by now. That may sound flippant, but it's simply true. Every platform, program, and project comes with its own rules. If you don't follow them, there are consequences. Years ago, I lost level two because I didn't reply to spam messages (it was required back then, but I didn't know that rule at the time). It's possible to recover from mistakes. If levels were given out based only on number of gigs sold, things like gig purchase swapping would take over.
  13. This obviously isn't working. I hit "Unread" this morning and see 30 posts from the same person with meaningless one- or two-word replies. Time for Fiverr to try a new anti-spam method. Let posters report spam and penalize the people who do it frequently? Add voting up and down arrows to all topics like in the Questions section? If people get too many down arrows, they can't post?
  14. Reviews don't show up for several days unless you leave him a buyer review right away.
  15. This is definitely something you should contact Customer Service about. You can click on Help & Support down the bottom of any page and make a ticket through there.
  16. All the time. It's actually against the rules to message people unless you're talking about placing an order. I just use a quick response and move on. I don't outsource, and if I ever did for some reason, it would be someone I sought out and chose specifically, not a person who sends random messages. Some approach it professionally. Some beg for work because they think I have 'too much' and they deserve some of it.
  17. I have no idea, but one or more of those platforms may not allows non-brand-affiliated reps from participating in reviews/communication for that brand? It might be against their TOS, which means you can't do it on Fiverr either.
  18. Whenever I use this, my gigs take about 3-5 days to recover back to normal activity rates. I haven't noticed any slow descent over time. However, my experience may not be yours, of course. If you need a break, you need a break, though.
  19. No, you can only withdraw the full amount. There's really no benefit to leaving money in Fiverr. You don't get interest or anything.
  20. Well, I'm glad they don't anymore. They did years ago when it happened to me. Nice to know Fiverr is fairer about that now... and that they fixed the spam issue I had back then.
  21. This is ridiculously ageist and wrong. I'm over 40, and people absolutely still take things like education into account. You think racism goes away after 50? People over 60 aren't all retired, and their career (and the money they earned) definitely matters. They still have to spend money on everything a 30-year-old does. I won't go on. I'm not sure if you're trying to make a point, push your religious views on people, or what. This is just all wrong.
  22. Unless the person using these email lists gets complete permission to send emails to these people somehow BEFORE sending a bulk email (SPAM), in the US, they are guilty. The person providing the list can be guilty of conspiracy under the CAN-SPAM act. Didn't think Fiverr allowed this type of thing anymore.
  23. Years ago, I was demoted from Level 2 to Level 0 in one month due to not answering spam. I reported it, but didn't answer. That didn't work back then. It then took two months to regain my Level 2 status. Even though I qualified again for Level 2, they said they could only advance me one level per month. (Grrr...) That wouldn't happen today as they've fixed the spam issue. Level 1 requires 90% response rate the same way Level 2 does. If you don't have that, you don't qualify for either, and they will drop you all the way down. Not "new seller," but level 0 or whatever they call it.
  24. How about avoiding warnings every day for as many years as you work here? Read the TOS, which you agreed to when you signed up. Read the FAQ and other information about how Fiverr works. Don't think devious or sneaky methods will help you. Run your business with integrity. Simple. No warnings ever.
  25. Let me tell you... I'm in quite a few career-related (not this career - another one) FB groups. People from Fiverr SPAM their gigs in there all the time. They are 99% of the time against the group rules, people mock them openly, and follow up with advice to never buy from people on Fiverr who don't even know how to market properly. No one wants to hire spammers. That is not the way you build a business.
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