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as a new seller on fiverr how long did it take to get a gig?



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Getting 1st order on Fiverr is Easy.

Some people say that it's too difficult. But, as seller level 1, I can highlight points that can get 1st order for you.

  • Make fully optimized title, i.e. don't include keywords that have low competion but carry very few orders to every seller.
  • Search your Main category keyword. If it has competition of more than 50000 services/gigs, than choose those keywords that should have lowest competition but have high sellings.
  • Optimized gig's description. Include long tail keywords that should clearly deliver your service details.
  • Add at least 7-10 FAQs which should be full of keywords.
  • Upload all three gig images. Optimize each image by renaming with your gig title and adding your gig tags into image details. Remember that Gig's image should be in JPG to edit it's propertise>details.
  • Upload a video that showcases your sample work cleanely. optimize video just like your gig's images.

Follow these point. Make sure to remain online on PC for at least 18-20 hours for 1st 1-2 months.

After publishing gig, you can get order within a week if you folow the strategy.



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8 hours ago, monraymedina said:

I've been on fiverr for exactly three days now got a few scam messages here and there, but my impressions are on 124 is that normal ? and how long did it take now seasoned sellers to get their first gig when they started out?

Hello there, It might take a few days to several weeks or more. Focus on creating an appealing gig, offering competitive pricing.

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