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  1. Just want to clear it up. I linked my existing Payoneer account with Jazzcash. No need to create new account. It works. yes i also use fiveer revnue card, payment withdrwa with in 2 minutes
  2. how to get rank yohr gigs on first page. please given a suggestions
  3. Thanks for giving me suggestion.i will change the pitcher.
  4. Now too much wait around 3 months above but not getting an order.even not a response byer requests…
  5. im also faced this problem around 3months
  6. My two gigs denied high ranking I just changing the pitchers…and who the pitcher is made by me.😔
  7. many many welcom fourm fiveer.this place very helpful for you.
  8. getting no oder almost 2 month… im become a level one seller …even not a message…
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