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  1. Did Saylee give you permission to share his post here?
  2. Ditto. This morning I tried to search for a seller by name and got stuck in a loop of three verification screens in a row. I gave up. Not a good thing if I were an actual buyer coming to Fiverr for the first time.
  3. I appreciate your attempt at a metaphor, but I disagree. A pipeline automatically brings water to everyone eventually. Fiverr doesn't automatically bring business to everyone. Also, people who received orders (water) once or for a even regularly can still stop getting them. Nothing is automatic on Fiverr. Patience is not how you build a business. Yes, it's a good quality to have, but simply waiting around for the orders to flow in will get you nowhere.
  4. The oddest situation I've ever had is when the buyer wanted me to hand deliver a physical folder of printed articles to them at their house... halfway across the country. I thought it was a joke at first, but they were quite adamant that the $20 or so they were paying me could absolutely cover air fare.
  5. If you have a technical issue with a message not going through, I doubt Customer Service told you to ask other sellers on the forum. What kind of offer are you trying to send?
  6. As long as it's under 24 hours, you won't get penalized. The only way to make the average shorter is to answer future messages more quickly. Basic math.
  7. Take time to search through the forum for the many, many posts made by TRSs and other experts. Only take advice from people with a strong track record of success. And what the heck is with the "f" posts? Just save the thread if you think it's so important instead of spamming nonsense.
  8. Is this about buying gigs on Fiverr or online dating advice?
  9. It doesn't matter what they say, give you, or promise. You cannot contact anyone or arrange payment outside Fiverr. If THEY did that, report them and stop communicating with them entirely. If YOU did that, expect your account to get a warning or closed.
  10. From a quick Google search, about 3.5 million accounts.
  11. Paperback cover dimensions depend on the word count of the manuscript. KDP gives a template or specific dimensions the designer should use. It includes bleed zones (or whatever they're officially called) and such so you get both covers and spine correct. Either the buyer has to tell you this precisely, provide the template, or you'd need a KDP account to fetch the template yourself.
  12. That message from Fiverr doesn't make sense to me. Is it possible this has to do with different currency conversions? Just a guess.
  13. I just had to chime in and say, "No!" No buyers should expect sellers to work at all without an order. No sellers should ever do work without an order in place. That is not only against the rules but a wide open door to scammers.
  14. I agree completely. I've had people message me with things similar to, 'god willing, you will take my order.' Ick. I turned down a buyer the other day (service I didn't provide) and their response was, 'I'll pray for you." To each their own when it comes to religion, but no deities are going to convince me to take you on as a client. All glory to Fiber forever. Congas! 🙌
  15. With 11 years of business behind you, I'd think you'd understand rules by now. That may sound flippant, but it's simply true. Every platform, program, and project comes with its own rules. If you don't follow them, there are consequences. Years ago, I lost level two because I didn't reply to spam messages (it was required back then, but I didn't know that rule at the time). It's possible to recover from mistakes. If levels were given out based only on number of gigs sold, things like gig purchase swapping would take over.
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