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Why am I not getting orders from Fiverr?


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1 minute ago, ariful_24 said:

Why doesn't my buyer request come?

Because Fiverr got rid of buyer requests.

However, you don't need buyer requests to get orders. Here are some things that you can do:




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3 minutes ago, ariful_24 said:

What to do for newbies to get work from fiber, I want advice from experienced?

Hi @ariful_24, if you read the articles I shared in your other post, you will see that Fiverr scores sellers based on a Match Score that is comprised of "Gig appearance quality" and "Gig delivery quality." Here's advice that I gave to another new seller today:


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Advice #1: Don't use FIVERR's logo.

Advice #2: Attention to details in everything you do. For starters, it's Fiverr, not Fiber.

Advice #3: If you happen to be in the logo niche, also don't use any other logos than Fiverr's that you don't own the rights to. And no, if you change a tiny detail, it doesn't make it your logo or give you any rights to it.

Advice #4: You don't get work "from Fiverr", you get work from people who make use of Fiverr as a platform. Think about who those people are, and how you could help them, and then polish your Gigs which offer that helpful service, before you publish them.

Advice #5: Don't send messages to other sellers to ask them for help, work, orders, whatever, chances are that you'll get reported for spam.

Good luck.


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You need to be an expert in your field. If you are a marketing expert then you need to know how to bring clients to yourself first. If you can’t do that for yourself then clients wouldn’t trust you with their business. 
P.S and of course gigs at least with titles that make sense and doesn’t sound like broken English 

P.P.S and to stop using fiverr logo. That will only lead you to a ban, not success. 
why didn’t you still change your logo even after people told you sto stop using fiverr’s logo? 

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1 hour ago, ariful_24 said:

Share your important views from this newbies can learn a lot and I can also learn and earn from fiver!

Here's something useful: spamming the forum by posting the same topic multiple times (and all of them asking how to get sales) isn't going to bring you sales.

Generally speaking, it just makes people look desperate. However, if someone who's supposed to be a marketing expert does it, it's even worse: it makes that person look incompetent.

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@ariful_24  You claim to be a digital marketing expert?  Why can't you apply your knowledge to promoting your own gigs?  After all. if you can't grow your own business, how can you expect to do it for your potential clients? 

Also, you're posting the same question to multiple threads on this forum. Some may construe this as spamming,


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