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No Orders? Here Are 7 Updates You Can Make During The Slow Times

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1 hour ago, gelmas12 said:

Hi @vickieito. Could you look at my GiGs for errors and correctness in the description.

Hi @gelmas12! I love your portfolio and thought you did well with your profile and gig write ups. Your portfolio does a great job showcasing your skills and your profile and gigs are written in a way that highlights you as a unique concept artist. 

Here are some suggested changes you can make to your gigs:

1. Add in videos for both of your gigs, this will help you stand out from the crowd and allow to showcase your skills even more.

2. Utilize all of your gig extras - currently you are using none (this allows you to increase your average selling price, or ASP, and make more per order).

3. Utilize your FAQs - you currently don't have any (you might be losing potential clients who may still have questions).

4. Consider updating your profile photo and gig thumbnails. Your profile picture is nice, but doesn't say "artist" to me. Also, your gig thumbnails are just images. Consider creating an attractive thumbnail for each gig that includes 3-5 words stating your services.

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I think with this person's gig, a video would be good because he is an artist, so more opportunities to showcase his art and portfolio would be helpful to him. So for gigs that depend on design, I would say the videos make a big difference. I also do a lot of design work (presentation designs, e-Learning, course materials, etc,), so I feel it's important for me to show what quality of work I'll be providing in these services.

For yours @williambryan392, I would agree ... you might not need a video unless you want to show people how it is to chat with you via ZOOM.

There's so much variety when it comes to gigs, that I think Fiverr doesn't want to make the gig videos a requirement. But I'm still getting 15x the returns with my Promoted Gigs and having the videos, so they're not hurting me.

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 I kinda feel if fiverr really wanted it used it would be a requirement for trs or pro. Like solid requirements, spelling, FAQs, portfolio etc. If you don’t have those you’re not getting promoted. But no video, no problem.

On 8/2/2022 at 7:00 AM, vickieito said:

he is an artist,

Yeah, for visual things it does make more sense, I get you. Again, the way video clicks and promoted gigs work I’m kinda avoiding it. Also not disagreeing, I just think it’s case by case. 
I currently have too much time on my hands clearly. Why did I go out of office 😂


On 8/2/2022 at 7:00 AM, vickieito said:

getting 15x the returns with my Promoted Gigs and having the videos, so they're not hurting me.

That’s awesome! I’m gonna go watch your videos, I’m curious!

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