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No Orders? Here Are 7 Updates You Can Make During The Slow Times

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On 7/7/2022 at 8:10 AM, marketingjasmin said:

It was so helpful, based on my condition now. 
But can you help me to check my gig profile for correction or update 


I took a look at your gig and would like to make the following suggestions:

1. Gig Images - There are too many words on your gig images, consider limiting them to 2-5 key words that describe your services.

2. Written Text - You list English as Fluent, but your profile and gig descriptions don't sound natural at all. For example, in your bio: "I'm passionate to help you with any issue come across on your website & quickly finding a suitable solution. ... Jasmine is always active for you." and at the bottom of your first gig: "What Jasmine does is give quality service?" Please proofread all of your text (on all your gigs and bio) so that the English is clear, concise, and flows naturally. Also, consider changing your fluency level to "Conversational."

You can also implement the 7 steps that I've included in my post. Here are some more helpful articles:





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On 7/3/2022 at 11:01 AM, vickieito said:

When business slows down, it's a good time to update your business and gigs. That way, when orders pick up again, your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Below are some of the things you can update during your downtime. Please feel free to add to the list!

1. Quick Responses (QR): One of the best ways to streamline your business is to set up QRs to handle the bulk of your communications. Good QRs will reduce your grammar errors, make you look more professional, keep your process and workflow organized, and, if you're like me, help you progress smoothly through difficult situations (such as price negotiations and dealing difficult buyers). If you're looking for examples of good QRs to use, follow @vickiespencer and @newsmike.

2. Portfolio: When I was starting out, I created projects for myself to complete, so I could add them to my gig gallery portfolio (as photos or PDFs). I also turned on the Live Portfolio option so that current projects could be added to my gallery. No matter what gig you have, you can always include a Live Portfolio image with your delivery. I suggest you do it with all of your orders since not all buyers will choose to have the image included with their review. Since many of my projects contain confidential information,  I include a portfolio image in my delivery that just lists in bullet-point form what the deliverables were. This protects your buyers' privacy and prevents someone from stealing your work. It also gives your buyers a good idea of what you can do. I've had many buyers contact me in my inbox and tell me, "I've seen your work on your gig page, can I order?" It saves a lot of time when you don't have to explain or convince buyers on what you can deliver.


3. Titles & Tags: There are several ways you can update your titles and tags. If you are on Seller Plus, you can use Top Keywords and Keyword Research to help choose your title and tags. You can also type in keywords into the search bar and look at the dropdown to see the most common search terms used by buyers. I also like to look at my competitors to see what words they are using.


4. Average Selling Price (ASP). Increase your prices and consider restructuring your packages so that they are tailored to the most common buying situations. For example, I used to offer a cover-letter-only option in my basic package for $15, but 90% of my customers were not ordering cover letters by themselves. I was also attracting the wrong type of buyer with my low prices. My basic package is now set to $70 for a resume-only order, which accounts for 15% of my business. Most customers are buying my premium services (Cover Letter + Resume + LinkedIn) and the second most popular option is the standard package (Cover Letter + Resume).

Other ways that you can increase your ASP are: revisions, extra fast delivery, and gig extras. I suggest you use all of these options and max out your gig extras every time you level up as a seller. You should also add "Subscriptions" and "Milestones" if those options are available to you. I don't use those options, but I do have them turned on for my packages.


5. Profile & Gig Text. Update your bio, gig descriptions, and FAQs. This is where you can be unique and make you and your services stand out. If you use a team, to help you, you can mention how that process will work. If you have Among My Clients option, you can include your top clients. Research your competition to see what they are doing and to see if you can offer anything unique. This is a good way to check out your prices too.

@smashradio had a good article about being unique and standing out as a seller: https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/283711-this-is-why-many-new-sellers-fail-on-fiverr/

You can use the FAQs to answer your most common buyer questions and cross-link your gigs to each other (note: in the FAQs below, I've cross-linked this gig to 4 of my other services).


6. Workflow & Processes. Don't forget to update your order requirements for each gig. Include specific questions so that the deliverables are clear. Have the buyer define their expectations, and make it clear that if they request anything that they haven't paid for, they will be asked to upgrade their package after sending in the order requirements.  You can also link your designs or order catalog to the order requirements so that buyers can define their design requirements upfront before the timer starts. Streamline your processes for each gig. If you have designs, templates, or guidance documents that you will be using, organize all your files and working documents so that they are easy-to-find and easy-to-work with. If you test your freelancers, make sure your tests and work standards are also organized and easily accessible.


7. Gig Videos. You don't have to be a pro or be in front of the camera to make your gig videos. If you're like me and you don't want to be on camera, make a slideshow video with background music to showcase your services. I would suggest you only include elements that will not change, otherwise you'll be making a lot of changes to your videos. For example, I used to include "unlimited revisions" and "satisfaction guaranteed" in all of my videos, so I had 7 videos to update when I removed those options from my gigs. (note: Fiverr claims videos increase user engagement by 40% and I've found that to be true)


So there you have it! Seven different things that you can update when you have the time. Once you make your updates, don't forget to monitor your gigs to see how they perform over time.

Any Thoughts Or Additional Comments?

I'm sure there are more "updates" that I haven't included, these are just the ones that I've been working on this past month. Feel free to add to the list in your comments below!



Thank you for these amazing tips. Right now my fiverr gigs are in a downtime and I was wondering what to do next. Here i see your post.  This is what we want than typical "how to be successful in fiverr"  articles. BTW I totally agree with @smashradio. In this downtime period Im trying to learn some new skills and trying finish related fiverr tests so i can definitely use these new skills to create new gigs. And now i got more time to enagage with my family and with myself.

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I took a look at your profile and gigs and have the following suggestions:

1. In your bio - you switched back and forth between the "I" and "we" pronouns. Stick to one pronoun so that your writing is consistent.

2. Also in your bio - "If you have any queries please feel free to ping me." Consider using "message" instead of "ping." You also use "ping" in your gig descriptions.

3. Gig Videos - None of your gigs have a gig video. According to Fiverr, gig videos increase user engagement by 40%. I've found that to be true.

4. Gig Descriptions - They are too generic. Try to make them more unique so that you can stand out from the crowd. 

I also noticed that you haven't gotten your first order yet. Here are some good articles to read:





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1 hour ago, kirhood_jr said:

one question.: what about promoting gig, when business is slowing down?

Hi @kirhood_jr - When business is slow, like it is for you now, you should try to get orders in any way that you can. That means putting in offers to Buyer Request and Buyer Briefs. If you are on Seller Plus you can also give coupons to to your buyers to encourage orders. If you have Promoted Gigs, that's also a great option. I get good returns from advertising my gigs through Promoted Gigs.

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Thank you for this post.

You know, it's funny. A lot of the things listed here (and in other tip lists) sound obvious, but I always forget how important it is to repeat an idea to really settle it into your mind. I've got to treat posts like this as mantras and regularly remind myself of the reasons and results.

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Thanks, @chriphenix! I think many new sellers come to the forum looking for the next "secret" or new thing to get more orders and sales. Sometimes we forget the underutilized tools that are right under our noses that can help us take our business to the next level. Fiverr really does give sellers a lot of resources to grow our business!

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10 hours ago, truephoenixking said:

can you give me a few tips for a video? also, any hints on how to improve my image? 

Hi @truephoenixking, I couldn't find your gig or profile, so I'm not able to provide you feedback on your video or image. Please let me know when you publish your gig. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, gelmas12 said:

Hi @vickieito. Could you look at my GiGs for errors and correctness in the description.

Hi @gelmas12! I love your portfolio and thought you did well with your profile and gig write ups. Your portfolio does a great job showcasing your skills and your profile and gigs are written in a way that highlights you as a unique concept artist. 

Here are some suggested changes you can make to your gigs:

1. Add in videos for both of your gigs, this will help you stand out from the crowd and allow to showcase your skills even more.

2. Utilize all of your gig extras - currently you are using none (this allows you to increase your average selling price, or ASP, and make more per order).

3. Utilize your FAQs - you currently don't have any (you might be losing potential clients who may still have questions).

4. Consider updating your profile photo and gig thumbnails. Your profile picture is nice, but doesn't say "artist" to me. Also, your gig thumbnails are just images. Consider creating an attractive thumbnail for each gig that includes 3-5 words stating your services.

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Good post and I agree with everything entirely except the gig video. I’m not saying you’re wrong at all. I just think it’s open to debate…

For certain gigs it is practically a necessity such as video editing or voice over. 

However for others, such as say a business plan or LinkedIn writing I’m not sure it adds value.

The reason I chose not to add a video is that I want people to click through to my gig and read the info and not decide whether to click through based on a short video. Ultimately it’s far easier to make a good thumbnail and solid gig description than create a premium video (IMO) and not having a video hasn’t held me back. If your video is generic / stock / amateur I think it’ll do more harm than good.

I used to have a video (a few different types) and it didn’t make a difference I feel. I’ve done far better since removing them.

Also, one final thing to add, if you have a video, just clicking play of that video thumbnail counts as a click if you’re using promoted gigs, even if they don’t then click through to your gig. That was what put me off adding new videos for now.

Internally they are doing a category by category review on whether gig videos actually increase conversion because there is debate around this. It varies by category. Some categories it may even harm clicks conversion. The data needs to be reviewed. Indeed my SSM told me not to bother for now because I’m not selling video / audio. The ‘up to 40%’ is a bit misleading and I think that’s probably specific to video / audio gigs etc.



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Posted (edited)

I think with this person's gig, a video would be good because he is an artist, so more opportunities to showcase his art and portfolio would be helpful to him. So for gigs that depend on design, I would say the videos make a big difference. I also do a lot of design work (presentation designs, e-Learning, course materials, etc,), so I feel it's important for me to show what quality of work I'll be providing in these services.

For yours @williambryan392, I would agree ... you might not need a video unless you want to show people how it is to chat with you via ZOOM.

There's so much variety when it comes to gigs, that I think Fiverr doesn't want to make the gig videos a requirement. But I'm still getting 15x the returns with my Promoted Gigs and having the videos, so they're not hurting me.

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 I kinda feel if fiverr really wanted it used it would be a requirement for trs or pro. Like solid requirements, spelling, FAQs, portfolio etc. If you don’t have those you’re not getting promoted. But no video, no problem.

On 8/2/2022 at 7:00 AM, vickieito said:

he is an artist,

Yeah, for visual things it does make more sense, I get you. Again, the way video clicks and promoted gigs work I’m kinda avoiding it. Also not disagreeing, I just think it’s case by case. 
I currently have too much time on my hands clearly. Why did I go out of office 😂


On 8/2/2022 at 7:00 AM, vickieito said:

getting 15x the returns with my Promoted Gigs and having the videos, so they're not hurting me.

That’s awesome! I’m gonna go watch your videos, I’m curious!

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