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That’s an interesting calculation @uk1000

However, I don’t think the OP asked about the actual infinite possibilities in the multiverse. 🙂

This was more of a “is there a limit imposed on how much potential upside I should expect when starting a profile?”.

At least that’s how I perceived it.

A lot of things are physically impossible though, sure!

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1 hour ago, frank_d said:

There's no limit to how much one can potentially earn in a month.

It's probably physically impossible to earn $54 billion in a month on Fiverr though 🙂

If seller with a team could deliver a $20,000 order (about the max price) every second for 31 days that would be $53,568,000,000. About $53.5 billion.

In reality 1 second per order wouldn't be enough to do the order, attach and deliver it and Fiverr would likely assume it was a bot delivering it if it was always delivered close to that and probably ban the account.

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There probably is a limit, especially if you are doing the work yourself and not outsourcing/having a team helping. The max is probably in the thousands a month. No one is likely earning a million $ or more a month by being a Fiverr seller.

eg. The max per order seems to be $20,000 (the max custom offer price - unless you can go higher than that with extras), but it's unlikely someone would pay that amount for something that could be done easily and quickly by 1 person. Though if you delivered one 20K order per day for a month that's up to $620,000 for that month.

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