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  1. uk1000's post in Using Discord To Do The Live Chats When Working On Gigs? Received A Warning - What Can I Do Now? Does Fiverr Have Video Chat? was marked as the answer   
    You can read this help page about video calls:
  2. uk1000's post in Conversion rate was marked as the answer   
    Conversion rate % = (100/nr impressions at that time)*nr of orders at that time. (so in the app - at that time meaning that time period (eg. the last 7 days).
    It must mean you had 1 order in that time (during the last 7 days).
    Impressions 1546, conversion 0.06%
    (100/1546)*1=0.0647 rounded to 4 dp which, rounded to 2 dp is 0.06 - what gets shown there (0.06%)
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