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  1. Clearly these people did not read the post. Sellers, your forum activity does not impact your gig in any way. Zero. Nothing. Nada. You could post one million times and not get one additional view of your gig. They are completely de-coupled? Is that clear enough? For the OP, what were you doing before that helped you get new buyers, or what did you change that might have caused the drop? Try to do a differential analysis.
  2. Fiverr is not going to market you if you aren't making them money. It is a harsh reality, but if you take time off, you aren't going to get the same level of impressions.
  3. If you have a relationship with regular customers, it might be worth explaining what happened. Don't spam them, of course, but it sounds like you are in the seller plus program, so when you send a coupon say something along the lines of a one-time confluence of life events caused some unexpected consequences and delays. You don't have to gravel or apologize, but frame it in a good light and let them know you are back on your feet and ready to do the same great work as always. Of course, in the future you have to get ahead of the issues and create longer lead times, or pause your gig, or whatever else that is less destructive, but for now that train has left the station.
  4. I knew we had some psychics on the platform (that is a whole other discussion about gigs); it seems I have met one who can read my mind. My point is very simple, fair has nothing to do with it, nor does the timing. Fair would mean the majority of people give open, honest, and accurate feedback, both sellers and buyers, and not play the 5-star game. The fact that you are talking about timing of when who can do what is shining a light on the whole issue of the 5-star game, not so much a particular policy. If everyone gave a truly accurate review, then timing of responses would be largely irrelevant. It is like when I am looking at a product on Amazon and someone gave it a 1-star because it arrived late (but the widget was great). The entire rating system needs an overhaul, not just a little piece of buyer gave a good review, seller gave a bad review, now buyer can give a bad review in private.
  5. I understood what you said quite well, including your question about fairness. I encourage you to approach fairness from this standpoint. You agreed to the Fiverr terms of service. The terms of service are clearly published. Fiverr also gives you many additional avenues of support regarding how the system works. You agreed to all of these when you decided to do business here. Of course, Fiverr has room for improvement, as do all businesses. I would like the whole rating system to have a major revamp. But "fair" doesn't come into my vocabulary when I agree to someone else's rules.
  6. What does fair have to do with anything? Fiverr is in business to make money, not be fair. With that being said, yes of course it is fair. Public reviews are pretty much worthless in my view, because very few people have the guts to leave an accurate review, and instead either give no review or a 5-star. I've said it many times before, if everyone is a 5-star, then no one is. To help counteract this, Fiverr gives the buyer a chance to give a private review, which we all know will be far more realistic.
  7. None. I'm not suggesting that others should not market. I have a very specific path and plan for my journey through Fiverr, but it should illustrate you don't absolutely have to go to social media. I'll be a level 2 at the next evaluation, and not that that is a big deal, but it was done without social media marketing.
  8. Note: Forum activity does not help your Fiverr gig in any way. Posting, following, liking, etc., none of that impacts your gig whatsoever.
  9. Not necessarily. There are a lot of reasons you may not get continued orders from a specific customer. Customer's project may be over. Customer's needs may have changed, and you are no longer a good fit. Even though you may have gotten a good review, that doesn't mean they aren't also using other sellers who are as good or better for their needs. You aren't really satisfying them as much as you think you are. A lot of people give 5-star reviews publicly because they feel some sort of pressure to do so, but then give a more honest review on the private survey.
  10. Who cares unless you are marketing to your target audience? I hear this same thing of "post on social media" nonstop, but that does absolutely zero for getting orders if you aren't marketing to your target audience. Impressions and clicks only matter if they translate to sales. You could have 1 million clicks per day and not have 1 order if you aren't marketing correctly.
  11. If you add value, you will get value. If you come in here thinking you can post nonsense and thinking that participation in the forum will boost your gig in any way (it does not), then you will get no value from it.
  12. The same useless advice being repeated over and over. Please stop repeating stuff you hear but has no basis in reality. If you want to be on page one, put in the work it takes to get there. The first page is for people who have worked long and hard to make great businesses. Fiverr has a trove of resources for you to learn from.
  13. Does it say what is not complete? Have you completed all of the on-boarding documentation, e.g., funding account, personal identification, etc.? Are you able to make a gig?
  14. Same thing was happening to me a few months ago. Short story is, I had to contact CS and have them fix it. Some days I could post many times, other times I would be locked out for a few days. You have to stay on them to fix it. It took me a few weeks to get it corrected.
  15. cs_evans

    Where are you from?

    What the hay, I'll be from Bangladesh, too. Sounds like the place to be. Can I be from southern Bangladesh though? That's my accent.
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