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  1. "Where is your sense of honesty and responsibility?" absolutely right. also, GIGs are part of our know how, which is made of specific traits. These traits (as example, doing epic music with intros and refrains, which is part of my musical fingerprint) can be explained only by ourselves, our helpers or also long date customers who know us very well. So If I copy another GIG, how could I explain my specific professional traits?
  2. I add just this. Focus on improving your friends and family life. Focus on their problems and solve them. Bring them a smile, a gift, a hug. This will change how you see life.
  3. hello, just my two cents. Normally we are slightly toward happiness, in our daily moods. Balanced but toward happiness. That way we appreciate sunsets, a breakfast and our girlfriend smile. In our valors scale, we should consider at the top friendly relationships with family, friends, and girlfriend. Material things should be at the last position. Consider this, you need just money to eat and live, but outside that, the most important thing is having important strong relationships. This is the real value of life. All the rest is useless.
  4. Ok consider anyway that the website doesn't recognize instantly that you are online. There is a delay in this so be patient and you'll appear online 🙂
  5. This is very important. I say this because the are dozens of freelancers copying each other. Where is the innovation? where is your unique skill and product?
  6. Just my two cents. There are guys considering freelancing like selling items. So they search for the best niche to sell and start there. There is a problem in this: You are not a real professional. Consider an accountant. He studies as accountant, completes the tests to become a professional accountant and then starts the profession. He didn't study a niche. He started from the profession. Maybe he loves that as well. He loves numbers and math. Fantastic, it's the right job for him. Being a professional freelancer is the same. What is your career? what is your experience? What are your skills? I hope my explanation to be clear 😀
  7. The best "frame" is the most personal one. The more it's unique and related to what the customer asks, the best
  8. Yes, you can and also MUST share your GIG but with customers who want to receive your message.
  9. Another thing I consider very important is the language. Your English must be... well, not perfect, but decent. Let's say 90%. It must be good. So if your English skill is weak, I suggest studying the more you can to improve it.
  10. I really think that any of us need the right hours of sleeping to be effective at work and in life in general. So if you need just 4 hours, 20 hours of work any day is possible! Keep Fiverr app in your smartphone so to be "pinged" anytime a customer sends you a message. If you don't reply in few minutes it's obvious the customer will contact another one 😀
  11. Hello anyone. Unfortunately, we are so many that Fiverr is unable to push any of us in the charts. Also, Fiverr pages viewers are really thousands and more every day but we freelancers are a lot. So, what you should do? help yourself and help Fiverr as well. I've got a personal homepage with links to my Fiverr profile. Consider that it's not permitted to include such links (from Fiverr to homepage). But the opposite is good! So you can include links to your GIGs in your homepage and in your blog as well. My Music Blog has 2746 posts!
  12. I've got a personal homepage. While you can't refer it in your Fiverr posts (it's not permitted). The opposite, (I mean from the homepage to Fiverr) is permitted. And you can include links to your GIGs there. In my personal homepage there is also my Music Blog which has 2746 posts! Consider that in my Blog there are also links to my Fiverr profile.
  13. I don't like to write a long reply there. I prefer usually to jump directly to the GIG topic. I mean clearly stating the job and the tasks.
  14. argh, that's true as well. indeed there are so many visitors on Fiverr page that if you are on top of the charts you get an impressive busy month!
  15. thank you, all of you friends 😊 yes probably a party with family and friends at home. They know how much I dedicated myself to Fiverr and how much I consider it important. Next year will be very important for freelancers. I think 2022 will be a huge year for freelancers and all of us. Many new opportunities, freelancing is expanding. The jobs are raising exponentially. The more work you have, the more work all of us will have because there will be word of mouth about the goodness of freelancing, freelancers, this work system and our professionality. We'll be successful 😀
  16. Ok, as you see this is an HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick) throttle unit. I would like to use it for midi events. Do you think it could be possible? The throttle has many interesting parts that could be used for cutoff and resonance, or just simple midi events or even "percussions", on/off events or other things. I'm trying to find anything on the internet that could make this idea possible, but at the moment I'm not successful. Your ideas? 😊
  17. yes... mmmmm, also because if the customer doesn't leave a comment, probably there's a reason and it's better not sending him messages.
  18. well, the "automatic completion" of the order is a great feature, to protect both the seller and the customer.
  19. So, how many will become Sellers Plus in the next months? any ideas?
  20. I'm at 196 orders completed. I'm near to $25000. Yes, I'm organizing a party when I'll reach 200 orders 😀 So, what do you suggest me, an event in my town? a virtual event with zoom or similar? or just friends and beer all night?
  21. Hello, unfortunately this often happens. The system is made to reward the strong sellers, but you need to get there before appearing at the top of the charts. It's something fair and reasonable anyway. Like charts in pop music.
  22. Hey there anyone. Usually summer is a slow period. It's more difficult to find projects because, well, office productions, producers, musicians. Anyone is on vacation. I work with videogames and films and it's the same. Something changes at the end of august where developers are organizing to start the jobs in september. All of this sounds weird for freelancers. We work all the time, all the days and all the months 🙂 but this is how it works. Your experience?
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