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New Brand Campaign! -> Nothing.


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I turned $nothing into almost $100k something on Fiverr.

l literally knew nothing about voiceover… and I mean nothing! But I heard a podcast with a guest voice over coach, Carrie Olson, and she explained she started in much the same way. She ended up being my coach and mentor because I found excitement in her story about turning “nothing into something—!”

After a traveling and sailing sabbatical with my husband, I returned home with no corporate job, meager belongings in storage and one car between the both of us. After several years of travel, I had changed. Working in the corporate world no longer fit into my world. Talk about feeling like you had nothing… although we had our travel experiences (which is an entirely different story) I felt a huge sense of nothingness.

I was raised to be a career woman and for the first time In my life, I had no options and no job waiting for me. Definitely nothing! 

So… I began to research everything about becoming a voice over professional. After buying a few pieces of equipment I started to practice. I made so many mistakes and worked so many hours for nothing!!!

Then I realized that I am a student, a newbie, a freshman at the school of Fiverr. Then…it occurred to me that if I get orders, I am actually being paid to be a student!!! And that’s the mindset I had while starting this journey.

After about six months on Fiverr, it all started to click. One Fiverr order lead to another, one five star review lead to more and three years later I was blessed with the Top Rated Seller badge and can now take care of my family with my earnings from Fiverr.

No auditions. Orders every working day. Safe money transactions. Amazing customer service. Incredible community of sellers and buyers. Trustworthy and kind staff. All for .20 on the dollar. Crazy.

Although I still make lots of mistakes and I learn something new about myself every day… Fiverr is now my “happiest place on earth” (not Disneyland) because when I had an equal opportunity to turn “nothing into something” and I actually did… it gave me a sense of peace and strength within myself that no one can take away. 

The campaign? Brilliant. 

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21 hours ago, chinmoybiswas_ said:

This is so inspiring. Keep going and motivating us.

Thank you for “getting it” because to be a deep thinker, you have to look beyond what society tells you is correct and make your own way. Flip your switch to see how you can be part of nothing into something. 

All sellers start out exactly the same on Fiverr. What makes some succeed and others quit or never reach their personal milestones? In my opinion those who are creative in all ways, figure out what it takes to make it work.

Can you have a creative mind without a degree in graphics, art history or an MBA from a top university? Yes! Creative minds solve problems and find solutions instead of complain, argue or point fingers. 

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