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  1. This sounds great, but I don'y have the option to offer this yet.
  2. This is very interesting and useful! Thank you!
  3. A great way is to look at other successful gigs to see what a good gig write-up looks like. Do not copy but you can gain valuable insights by doing your research.
  4. Welcome! I hope things go well for you!
  5. It's not necessary to stay online 24 hours a day but obviously being available for people from different time zones to contact you will help you gain orders.
  6. Struggling to upload files so I can deliver an order. Is this a bug please?
  7. Hi there, It takes time! You have only just joined so you will have to be patient. Take time to make your profile look attractive, make sure your description is well-written and encourages people to buy from you. Hone your gig descriptions. Add examples of your work in the pictures. What are your strong points? Why should I buy from you? Take some of the free fiverr courses available whilst you are waiting for your first sale. Once you have got your first order, make sure to give an excellent service.
  8. Congratulations! Going up a level always feels great!
  9. I have some suggestions for you . I’ll message them to you if that’s ok.
  10. Congratulations, and thanks for the advice!
  11. It’s my pleasure! I wish you the best of luck!
  12. Welcome.I hope things go well for you!
  13. Welcome and good luck with your gigs!
  14. Hello there, When you first start, in order to boost your orders I would advise lowering your prices. Once you have some positive reviews, you can raise your prices.
  15. Welcome!I wish you the best of luck!
  16. There is a steady flow of new sellers joining Fiverr. My only reason for posting my tips/advice is to help those sellers, just as others helped me when I first started on Fiverr. Thanks for your opinion.
  17. Source: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's - #2 by fonthaunt I am not sure whether you are talking to me?
  18. No, I’m afraid not. You can only rely on proper customers for reviews.
  19. You’re welcome! I’ll take a look. 🙂
  20. Welcome if you are new to Fiverr. I thought that new sellers might like to see my posts with advice for sellers. Links below!
  21. Yes I would be interested!
  22. Thanks! This has reminded me to keep going when things are a little quiet!! I have lots of business recently and my gigs have been really successful, but when you have finished all of your orders it can leave you wondering,‘What’s next?’ Have a great day!
  23. This sometimes happens; they may or may not have meant to leave 4.7. It’s best not to bring it up unless the customer does and you certainly can’t ask for them to change the review. It’s very frustratingI know, because it has happened to me, but you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Try not to think about it, go on to the next customer, provide a great service.
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