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  1. It can be sellers for people who sell and member word for those who are not sellers .
  2. What about the husband and wife teams that share accounts. :thinking: Fiverr goes by IP addresses, not different devices. I use my account on my iPad, my phone, my home computer, and my computer at work when I sub. 😉 That is correct! 🙂 OP’s friend should not sign up for Fiverr using the same phone the OP verified her account with. I think you both would potentially face a problem. As I said above, it would be best, to be honest with CS and get their permission to use the same phone and IP address to have two accounts. If you sell different services they may let you. However, if you sell the same service they may decline your friend’s account. 1.hahah for husband and wife it’s so obvious if they are using 1 account that’s ok but if they created 2 accounts on the same device that will be an issue because Fiverr don’t know they are husband and wife 2.about IP thing its again common sense to use 1 account on billions of devices is not a deal, deal is to use different accounts on same devices on which you are using an account already 😛
  3. Fiverr allows only 1 account for 1 person if your room mate wants to work she or he should signup on different device you cant use 1 device fir more than 1 account and you have to use different number for verification please read :https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service?fbclid=IwAR1gI2wUrsYH0XQqnNahmCPYzHHLc4UC8_EKNN_tYbPFpWMdfBQz_L73aoA
  4. i got option of studio but can you explain how to create gig because there is no option of that.
  5. Now buyer cant edit their reviews so accept it and move on.
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