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  1. Forget about it, that will never happen. It was made for people to dont do money loundering
  2. Thats the thing what i am talking about. Specially in Video editing service, when all depends on the materia lwhat they sent
  3. Thank you for bringing this up! My question is, is there a chance for fiverr to lower that 20% off the fee for order, since we all pay taxes and in the end we end up in 50% giving away. So imagine, you worked all day for 100 usd, almost half away goes to you guys and half to our goverment. I think its not fair. Also i have seen people using same gig videos in past with different profiles, i reported each of them gave CS alot of evidence, and you guys just ignored!
  4. I agree, but since i am in Rap music video industry, you cant imagine what kind of people of low budget shaky footage and not even basic understanding of camera how to film comes and sends me 98% of them big artist videos what are done in teams and budget around 30 thousands, asking to recreate some effect for 50 usd, while booking cheapest gig and asking for premium otherwise leaving a bad review. And it happens every 2 month atleast 2-5 of them.
  5. Here you go, buyer canceled one because he didn't like the edit, even though I added lyrics that are in a premium gig, and gave a 100 USD discount. Since I had free time and was bored. I canceled two, one because the person booked the cheapest gig for 1 minute, and asked for 3-minute video edit, and didn't want to pay extra for that missing 2 minutes of edit. And the second one just didn't send me any information and didn't reply.
  6. Dont worry, its just normal to communicate and deliver in time. But still getting bad buyers and this update wil ruin so much
  7. Sorry it hurts you, but you made a random comment without any sense.
  8. Whats your point, or you are here collecting points for your forum profile?
  9. I canceled it few days ago, fiverr asisted guy who was even rude to me
  10. Dont forget you wasted your time + that time you used electricity and more to even work, so you went in minus + free wortk. Even voluntary work is better than this you atleast dont get punished
  11. One thing i like from this, there are no more 4.3 4.7 stars. Now its this should be from begining
  12. And put chain on neck from fiverr to be taking all crap and not bark
  13. Money back guarantee ? 😄 😄 😄 If they cancel order, they get money back. So this doesnt even make sense hahah
  14. There is happy people on fiverr. staff. They have recieved from me in fee around 20 000 usd in 3 years. Thats more than hard working people get here in Latvia in 3 years working 10h a day for 5 days
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