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  1. Hi guys, have been bussy for 16 month straight, completed more than 600 orders, got up to 300 reviews, all of them are almost 5 stars. And now 3 month no orders at all, no new messages at all. Only returning customers comes, so keep in mind, deliver quality over quantity, they are important. Same issue for two of my friends , also with orders and so on, is it some fiverr system to get rid of sellers who are succesfull|?
  2. You didnt get warning because of that trust me. You hide some information what you really did 🙂 i have been here at fiverr a while and i have gathered information what you can and what u cant do at fiverr.
  3. You dont get warning for saying Hello Fiverr 😉
  4. Pray isnt help you, You break the huge TOS from Fiverr, and they dont care about you, there are hundreds of thousands who will replace you right away.
  5. You probably will end up baned, and there wil be no way to get it back, also creating new account will get you baned if not right away than with time. Including verification for your account and for that you need to prove your id card or passport, and right away you get banned. Also same Ip will detect it. It means you are already baned for life from this website, and its your fault you didnt read rules/
  6. its not allowed to do service what you provide, its agains the rules selling fake views and subscriptions
  7. 😃 Stop telling new commers wrong information.
  8. Why you should complain? You set price 5 usd for a gig, there are thousands of buyers who seek for that price. Lower the price is more problems you get.
  9. Since you stated in your gigs you are expert in seo , google rankings and so on, it wouldnt be a problem. But as i see you are just a person who pretends to be profesional. Thats the sad part of it.
  10. first of all you have taken somebody’s profile picture from google, what isn’t allowed, and you have grammar mistakes in gigs,
  11. Yea but from those two countrys most of sellers have fake information, and 80% have been using already done work and just changing text or little bit refurbish the logo. Or most of the time they use templates.
  12. Using sir, dear , madam get’s me right away caution, i know excatly from what country they are writting, and most of the time, I know what they want and in the end i block them. But, I totally agree about using such as words, i got very often recieved messages with hey bro, bro, wassup and so on , it doesnt trigger me like those madams and sirs texting. Check up the youtube, how to earn money on fiverr, you will see those countrys flag the fiverr as place where you can get money without any knowledge using automatic background removals, beg for work and so on… I got tired of them, and when i see those countrys written next to the profile of them it right away brings me away from even a service what they provide even if i needed it. So guys stop doing it ( countrys will not mention we all know what people are those) Just provide your best and dont be the persons who bring god will bless you, pray for me and so on. Its childish atleast for me, sometimes it feels like i am at church where curry is giving me speech of future. 😃
  13. Are you… 😃 Cmon, be active on forum, why it doesnt bring you customers. Market your gig in facebook, twitter, instagram , linkedin will not bring you alot of customers… Increase your language sir, and stop teaching other people bad advices what didnt help you get more than 2 orders.
  14. Impressions doesnt even count as a click, so ? Example, you have a shop opening, you got 300 people who walk in, but nobody buys anything since it doesnt look good, or price isnt right. Same with gigs.
  15. You are not getting back your account for sure, You have broken rules of fiverr tos to many times with given warning. So it means you cant also create new account. If you will do it, system will detect and you will be baned again.
  16. Can you write in English properly ?🙂
  17. If you are offering promotions , seo,backlinks and so on and on, i think you are not good at them or even use automatic tools and fake views, otherwise you shouldnt be complaining about not getting order, since fiverr seo and so on what you offer works the best here. So you are giving false things.
  18. It doenst come up automatic, you have to get them back.
  19. Stop giving tips about share on social media, you have written tips, but those tiups didnt even give you one order in more than one month. Its all about niche
  20. I have done over 400 orders, and most of my reviews are 5 stars atleast 95%. And my friends got even with 3x less order count first, and than i got it just few weeks ago. I have gotten from spen 100 usd only 2 promoted gigs , so its not a big thing for me.
  21. How can you offer your tips to people if you are on same position as this cool kid. Shares on social media doesnt work. atleast 95%
  22. Hard to say, but there is hundreds of thousands doing background removal, even my kid who’s 8 years old he can do it fast and good looking, Also there are hundreds of websites who offers background removals for free and right away automatic. There are also Seo check websites, and if you dont know what mans Seo friendly , I make a guess, you are using some website who does that automatic. Also no evidence you are good at it, or anything else… And last one, i can also give personal opinion how the website looks, and there are plenty of free websites who does counting health of web automatic for free. In the end just dont take it deep to heart, but you are offering mostly free services what can be done by using search engine at google, offering them for money… It’s not a Niche and if u havent made any sales on those gigs, you probably won’t. Maybe get some studies. I know in Netherlands have so many other options. even for foreigners. But you are local, so much more ways to earn and learn. Save your nerves and enjoy your childhood outdoors not at the pc. 🙂
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