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  1. Top posts by "likes" can be found here: http://community.fiverr.com/leaderboard
  2. OK, we can try it for a while. I brought it back. It's just a purple trophy icon. Similar to the "thanks". If it's used a lot, I can search out a new icon for our designer to create.
  3. @maitasun - This is not the first request for this feature. I have looked into it and am choosing not to implement a system like that. The "down" leads to too many negative interactions or trolling.
  4. @vickiespencer - I threw it in there as another option. I'll follow it's usage patterns over the next few days, see how people are using it. If they're not, I may get rid of it.
  5. Good eye @melanielm. Thanks for the feedback. There was never a "thumbs up" here in this forum. You're correct in that it was blue, but it's always been a heart. Same with the last forum, it was a heart. This is a pretty standard social media reaction (see Twitter) for something that you enjoy. I have added in a few others and changed the colors to better be "on brand" with Fiverr. Including the "up" if you wanted a different choice to interact with a post. Just one small step in making this forum the best it can be.
  6. Introducing: Subscriptions. Selling a Gig is one thing, but keeping your customers committed is another. We’re excited to introduce Fiverr’s brand new Subscriptions feature, allowing you to offer your services on an ongoing basis. Now you can transform your one-time Gig into long-term success. Having customers order your Gigs on repeat has never been easier. Subscriptions help you: Start building relationships Turn one-time buyer satisfaction into long-term loyalty Sustain business growth Set your revenue on repeat and watch your revenues grow Secure a steady income Get a clear idea of your upcoming projects and expected revenue For more information about Subscriptions, please visit: https://www.fiverr.com/pages/subscriptions-sellers
  7. We are back. Thank you again for your patience.
  8. We are in the process of investigating. Thank you for your patience.
  9. You are required to have a Fiverr account in order to interact or post in the forum.
  10. Well, if that's the case, this is the first step in fixing the "disaster". We'd love your help.
  11. Correct. Your "Rank" here in the forum is largely based on the number of topics, posts and replies you have in the forum. It does not change anything on your sellers account.
  12. Hi everyone. I'm seeing that the Questions feature hasn't really been used correctly. Which is ok and we'll get there. I thought I'd start by setting an example. I don't love the name "members" under everyone's profile. This is a default setting from the new platform. I would prefer something along the lines of "Seller" but not everyone sells (we have some active buyers only here in the forum). So what do you think? Please let me know what you'd like to be called and upvote suggestions you like. The winning name will have to be approved before implementing (re: boaty mcboatface).
  13. My PMs are open. Happy to discuss your perception vs the data.
  14. As for changes, yes. This has been about 7-8 months of work to get to where we are today (data migration, look, platform, etc). In the coming weeks, there will 100% be some changes to the categories, permissions, and leveling systems based on feedback and the designed "purpose" of the forum. I have referred to this launch as "seeing if the boat floats". Making sure all of the backend systems are working and the engine runs. Now we can turn our focus on the "how" we can find success in this shared community.
  15. In all seriousness. This is a great conversation about behavioral norms and preferences. There are many ways to interact with a post. An online forum should be a place that's accessible to everyone. I try to not dictate HOW someone interacts, I'm just happy they are interacting. It also sounds like there is an over-emphasis on "posting spam to gain a badge or rank". I see the numbers and I can assure you this is not the case. There's no one that I can see gaming the system for a fancier badge. I'll post something for the larger audience about this. But a good way to think about it is: Ranking - Activity (number of posts) Reputation - Content (quality of posts) Badges - Gamification of tasks Full transparency: I had given myself the "grand master" badge as a test to see how the ranking system worked. I'm happy to "play fair" and take those away. PS, In no way was it my intention to be rude or dismiss @mariashtelle1, quite the contrary. Apologies to her if that's the way she took interpreted it.
  16. Don't you worry. I see all of your posts. 😉
  17. No. Activity in the forum does not affect any rankings, listings, or Gigs on Fiverr.com.
  18. I know you're being sarcastic, but sometimes it doesn't come across to everyone as amusement. Someone who comes from a different culture or where English isn't their first language could misinterpret with out knowing the context. Personally, I try to steer clear of sarcasm in a written format, unless I can be 100% clear in my inclination or tone. I don't consider acknowledgement of a reply or a post to be "spam". In fact, just the opposite. I like seeing transparency in communication and recognition from those who are participating in the conversation. Remember, there are ALL levels of seller here on the forum who are all looking to be a part of the community.
  19. Hi everyone. I can confirm that we (Fiverr) have hired 3 full time moderators to help out and keep order here in the forum. These are different than who you've seen active here in the past. They are Fiverr Staff, not volunteer freelancers.
  20. Thank you for letting us know. We will look into it.
  21. Thanks everyone. We're definitely aware of it. It's an artifact from the migration. Give us a few days to fix it.
  22. Fiverr is a place where professionals across hundreds of industries come to grow their business. To maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone, we’ve created a set of standards to serve as a moral compass for behavior in our community. We see the community standards as a “living document” and plan on updating them in an ongoing process. The community standards include five sections: Integrity and Authenticity Intellectual Property Objectionable Content Violence and Criminal Behavior Safety A link to the community standards can be found here: https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards In addition to the community standards above, we’d also like to reinforce some best practices for communication in the forum. And though they may not all be strictly against the rules, posts may be removed/edited and users may have their accounts affected if they push the boundaries too far. When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar. These will be removed. Controversy or entertainment is OK, but attacks on other users, staff, Support are not. Keeping posts calm also makes it easier for us to collect feedback – both positive and negative. Violations may result in account bans without warning. Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling buyers/sellers out by username. Post will not be tolerated with extreme adult language, extreme sexual comments or innuendo or similar, so please self-moderate your choice of words or use * as needed. No personal attacks, including Fiverr employees or volunteer community Moderators. Posts with links or images showing the usernames in private messages or elsewhere fall under the same rule unless names are completely blurred or blacked out. The Invision Community forum software has the option for users to send Private Messages. These messages are still subject to the Fiverr Terms of Service and Community Standards. It is against the forum rules to copy/paste content from these private messages or take screen shots of them and post the content on the public forum. If you do not want to engage in private messaging with someone, ask them not to contact you and use the available tools to block their messages. We recommend that you contact other users only if they invite it and realize that the user may report you for spam. There are times that users may have good reason for making contact off-forum, just take extra-special care in doing so. Invision Community has tools that allow for post edits and deletions. Those tools are primarily for correcting typos and adding new info. Edits, including edits no longer displayed publicly, are retained in edit logs at an administrative level. Posts will still be moderated based on the original post, not based on edits. Violations of the Fiverr Terms of Service, forum rules, and Community Standards will still be utilized based on the original post. Editing or deleting a post does not remove or negate the violation. Excessive edits/deletions make posts difficult to read. The tools should be used moderately. You may post links that are relevant to the discussions as long as they are not links to your own website, blog or otherwise violate ToS or these rules. Gig/profile links belong in My Fiverr Gigs. All links and posts should comply with and the Fiverr Community Standards. Unapproved links will cause link or post removal. Links must not be shortened using non-Fiverr shortening sites. Gig/profile links should include thefiverr.com domain. This is a safety/security risk. Readers should not click on shortened links or links that may be questionable. Ads, Self-Promotion, Posts with Requests for Sales/Buyers that are posted may be deleted without warning. Since all users should be aware of the rules on promotion, when moderators lack time to edit/move posts to a correct category the post may instead just be removed. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy forum posts or on or off-Fiverr content. Links to other content may be used within a conversational post & abide with the other forum rules and Fiverr Terms of Service. Bumping and cross-posting is not explicitly disallowed but is discouraged and if abused will result in the removal of posts. The forum does not replace or act as a Customer Support portal. If you have technical issues or account concerns the Support Team can help. If your forum access becomes restricted, check your main forum page for any admin notices. If you do not see a notice or if you have further questions, you may also contact Customer Support with any forum issues. This forum was created to provide a home for our Fiverr community. This forum is moderated. Each message posted is owned by and the opinion of the original poster. The forum team of volunteers and staff members reserve the right to remove/move/edit any or all posts at any time and remove or suspend the user if deemed necessary.
  23. Yes you can do that and it will go to the Moderators and myself to review. Good note to update the reporting reasons. Thanks!
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