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  1. I have been in the Seller Plus program from the beginning. I paying for the time and expertise of a coach, a support, a trainer. The rest is up to you. What coach or mentor do you know that’s only $20 a month? It’s down right laughable to think that more orders come to those with a coach. Yes, I am invited to share in networking and programs but when it comes to orders, reviews and your level… ITS ALL ON YOU! It’s so easy to be skeptical about something that is not available to you…yet. But for goodness sakes people, do you think Fiverr will somehow give the Seller Plus buyers some kind of secret ability to get hundreds of orders? Please be kind and realize that Fiverr is the best platform for freelancers and take advantage of everything you can… but it’s YOU that has to do the good work.
  2. Excellent! Just love what you do and the money and TRS will come!
  3. That’s really fantastic! I love the details about going back to school and the pandemic because it gives your story some history. We are all trying so hard and it’s good to hear another story.
  4. That is awful! Your health is so fragile and we all know how that can be taken away so fast.
  5. Nothing is secure and it’s constant work and upkeep to be a TRS. It’s WORK, WORK, WORK! You can still be demoted for bad behavior or deeply declining stats (the maintenance requirements are still the same) There are other “industry benefits” to being a TRS not just a badge… I am in the voice over industry and a huge benefit as a Top Rated Seller is a bit accidental. I don’t have to audition 50-100 times to get a $200 job because they simply show up in my order queue. For example, other platforms charge a yearly fee of about $400 plus take another 20% from the order. You have access to real auditions but you are pooled in with hundreds of others who are trying for the same job. So you are recording, mastering and sending out free work all day long that may never get you any work. On Fiverr, the buyer likes your gig, places a REAL order and you deliver it. The best part is that as a TRS you get paid within 7 days of completion. On other platforms, you have to constantly watch the payment because it’s up to the client to pay you when they want too. Chasing the money is a waist of time when you can use a superior platform like Fiverr. Fiverr gives everyone the same guidelines and it’s up to you how you use them. I will be returning from a 2week road trip and we will see what happens to my stats. It used to take a few weeks to see a new order but the last several times I was slammed when I returned.
  6. All I know is it’s up to the Fiverr staff and it’s a “behind the scenes” thing, so none of us have the inside information. My guess is that the monthly review is key but if you are struggling or have a few “bloopers” (poor stats) it will take time to recover. iIt is a Fiverr mystery and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
  7. If they are a new buyer, I always check their time zone and say immediately, “oh I see you are in Australia! I have many clients there! How is the weather?” So they know that I KNOW they are in a different time zone and I am used to working with others from there. Sometimes I even give a link to my portfolio of projects from clients (buyers) from that time zone… just for fun.
  8. Sellers as ask me this question all the time, especially those who are close to reaching the minimum standard, which is listed in your level requirements. First congrats if you are close or have met the minimum requirements to be a Top Rated Seller (TRS) !!! It is not easy and getting the actual status is a bit of a mystery! I have 2 answers for you: First you are “hand-picked” to be a TRS. The Fiverr staff looks at all aspects of your interactions with buyers, sellers, potential buyers, your gigs, your stats, your deliveries, and all communications. Unless you are on the inside of Fiverr, you or I have no idea what their thoughts are. Sending a message to customer service will only get you the same answer I have just given you. So there is no formula that you can just check the box and be a TRS. The standards to meet are just the minimum requirements, the FINAL PART is the hand-picked process. It’s agonizing to wait, trust me! At the time I didn’t know that a TRS is hand picked so I expected to just automatically be a TRS. As I researched what was going on, I was disappointed that there was nothing else I could do…just wait and then …stop waiting and get back to my lovely buyers. This leads to the second point: I am going to use a school analogy— if you would be given an A+ from a teacher, always turned your homework in on time, your assignments were always complete and beautiful, never got into fights on the playground, never went to the principals office, participated in helping students and were always kind to others even when no one is looking… then I wouldn’t worry. You are chosen when it’s right and that could be in a month or never. Continuing with the school analogy, if you got an A+ in school but your behavior was a bit hot and cold you may never be selected for a TRS. All I can say is just relax and focus on continuing to give amazing customer service. It’s so hard sometimes…especially when you are breaking your own rules to help someone or make them happy. To me, money is important but my reputation is even more important. This is why Fiverr is different. They actually reward people for those intrinsic behaviors that you can’t buy, sell or trade. It took me one month to be chosen as a Top Rated Seller after I met the minimum requirements. I met the maximum requirements by just being professional to everyone, never violating the Terms of Service and reading them until I fully understood them, delivering top quality work and admitting when I made a mistake and fixing it promptly, trying my best with everything, being myself and showing that I am human, expressing kindness and creating gigs that sell. I hope this helps.
  9. I have found that if I start extending order delivery times, it’s one of those things that seems to create a slow down. I have seen the pattern. Fiverr feels that you should be able to manage your workflow and understand the details of getting orders delivered on time. Sometimes you can’t avoid it because the buyer is waiting for someone else. But again it’s communicating with your buyer in advance to be aware of slow downs on their part. If I feel a buyer will want to extend the delivery, I let them know that even if I deliver the file on time, they have 3 days to review it and generally that is good enough. I also re assure them that I am here until they are satisfied even if the job auto completes. In my workflow…there is no such thing as a completed order. If your buyer needs something you are there to work it out. Most buyers are willing to pay if it’s more but if your attitude is snippy, it will reflect on everything. There have been occasions when someone leaves on vacation for two weeks so extending the time is in evitable. I do believe some buyers use it as a crutch because other sellers use it as a crutch. It’s really not something you should be doing all the time. It’s a poor habit to get into. Just listen to your panic feelings and adjust accordingly. It’s important to communicate with your family so you can focus on the task at hand. Over time, you should develop work flows that leave you feeling in control. But with that said… I have actually reached a point when I said, “what! Oh no another order!” Lol!
  10. You need to be invited by Fiverr but if you are part of the program, it’s like all other areas of Fiverr—- no borders! I met people from all over the world on the initial meet up zoom (or whatever) so it was great. The only issue is time zones. My first meeting with my coach was midnight! But the meet up was a good time. You get what you get! Diversity and inclusion is alive and well at Fiverr! yay!!!
  11. I have to chime in here. I have read multiple times here on this thread how people expect their sales to go up because they have a success Coach—- nothing could be further from the truth! Your sales go up (or down) because you follow (or don’t follow) the coaching, listen (or don’t listen) to your coach and take responsibility for YOUR slumps and successes! That’s it!
  12. So glad you gig came back! After every milestone like surviving a slow down, you come back even stronger!
  13. I did the same thing in the beginning! I tried looking for myself and I would never pop up. You have to search “incognito” in google so it doesn’t cache in your search. It took me about 7 months to see real movement. Then it was literally over night! But, your good reviews will go a long way. Resist the urge to change anything now. I got so busy, I had to increase my prices! Then I got even better buyers and got even busier and had to raise them again!! Lol! My average selling price is about $96 now and I make about $4,000 to $5,000 a month without even pushing it! But now it’s crickets! The slow downs always feel scary but my husband says I always complain and then I get too busy and then complain about being too busy! Lol I literally had to pause my gig every week for a day or two to catch up during the last few months. And now… nothing! I even have a Seller Success Coach so to all those who think you get special treatment…the fact is it’s my own doing! My coach is very positive so I feel good. Remember I said It would slow down because I changed my tags? Still no new inquiries for me. Just hang on to every amazing buyer! It will come!
  14. Well that’s amazing! You sound so positive and good spirited! Keep the good attitude and you will be very successful. Just remember, all new sellers get a little boost from Fiverr in the beginning. I they will show your gig in a good place to help you. But only you can make it successful.
  15. Because you are a new seller, Fiverr will promote your gig at the beginning but it may drop off once the initial Fiverr boost no longer appears in the first pages. New sellers are often confused at why they do so great in the beginning and then it drops off. That’s most likely the issue. So you have to organically through time and effort start helping your gigs. Time and good business will help. It’s not a get rich quick platform and you have to be patient.
  16. I just changed my tags and expect that I will have another slow down. Also, there are so many new sellers every day and new sellers get a little help in the beginning. There are only so many first spots after a search and if you look…there are many types of sellers on the first few pages. So sharing the spots is becoming challenging. That’s why making your buyers so happy to come back is extremely important. 80% of your business comes from 20% of your buyers so remember to always embrace the re -order!!!
  17. Well that is ridiculous! Fiverr does not blacklist you! Was this a fellow Fiverr seller/ buyer who said this to you?
  18. Yes you should! It’s your option to agree or not and that is the beauty of the forum! It’s interesting to read what others have to say.
  19. @claredesigns you may also be going through an algorithm change which means the algorithm now has to learn that you are a level two seller. As soon as a bit of time passes you should be ok. I am almost certain the same thing happened to me. I swear if I sneeze, my inquires go down lol. Just don’t give up! You will be fine.
  20. @madushadilum there is no secret formula or algorithm to have the opportunity to be promoted. I am assuming you mean having your gigs promoted in the new program. You can also mean being promoted to a new level. Can you be specific in your need for help?
  21. @chris_ld I am a Top Rated Seller and I just went through a slow period with no new inquiries. I delivered an order late because it was hung up in the upload stage because my husband was also uploading a giant file to YouTube! I walked away and came back horrified that the delivery had not been made! This is NOT GOOD! I am in recovery mode due to this horrible mistake! My husband and I now communicate our upload times. My point is that there are so many factors that cause a slow down. In my experience changing anything in my gigs causes a slow down because the algorithm has to learn the new information. Some gigs do not see a slow down when they change/improve gigs. You have to be willing to embrace the slow times and enjoy family or your hobby. Your placement will probably come back if you maintain your good percentages. It’s EXTREMELY important that you also have 100% positive interactions EVERYWHERE on Fiverr. Even if you qualify to be a Top Rated Seller you may not be granted the badge. Fiverr does a good job hand picking people for all the badges and programs. And you can also be demoted for poor behavior/ performance. I have never worked so hard at a job in my life.
  22. @nikitakakade24 explains some basics. I too have found that any order cancellation drastically decreases the odds of your gig appearing in the first 10 pages. There are so many gigs with perfect stats and each one holds weight. Take each percentage point seriously.
  23. Since you asked so nicely for advice, here is a link to a discussion that I started. I give specific steps I took to become a Top Rated Seller. I hope you find it helpful. There is no magic algorithm to uncover. Since this post I am passed $60,000
  24. @nadia_designer7 that is a wonderful accomplishment! You are doing it right! Stay positive no matter what!
  25. Yes I got an invite. its midnight in California and I am waiting for my first meeting. It will be 8am her time. My eyes are blood shot and I am tired but will try to make this meeting upbeat! What are people asking their coach in the first meeting?
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