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I got this message on my account: Your account is temporarily disabled.

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Hello everyone! I'm new in this Fiverr marketplace. I have completed 1 project on my account, and one project is running. That time Fiverr gave me a notification to verify my account using my NID card. And I have tried to verify my account with my NID card, but they told me that was not properly cleared. I have tried one by one using my other phone. But every time they showed me this error. Then after 3 times, I got one message, Your account is temporarily disabled. Please check the email we sent you explaining what happened.

That reason was I failed to verify my account, and they blocked me because I have tried many times. Anyone can please tell me what should I do to get back to my account. Here I'm giving my account current picture. 


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Probably is because you did not verify your identity. You are required to verify either by using your National ID or your Passport. The image you upload for your passport must be clear and also the headshot photo of yourself should be clear. For me I tried only ones and I was verified. 

Maybe you should consider contacting CS to ask if they can give you another chance to verify your identity.


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 l love how 3 WEEEEEEKS later we get this echooooo of, "Contact Customer Service" posts.

Get those badges!!!

Meanwhile, here is a link to Customer Service if you have not fixed your issue:


and a link to how to verify your identity:



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