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  1. Congratulations on being promoted to level 1 Hope great journey in future
  2. my avg price is USD 20 dollar
  3. How did you get that success score? I complete 6 orders to get the success score feature automatically Fiver gives you in your Fiver seller dashboard Could you find a working method to improve it? - Yes but depends on your how fast respond, greater and effective communication , no extend delivery and no cancel order so this are the method to improve the success score
  4. Is 8 Sucess score best for me or not? can anyone explain me is good or not
  5. Message me i can help you
  6. Repeated create ticket
  7. Yes i know all messages are generated with bots and they say two messages location and disable with another account
  8. my account also got flagged but after so many messages to cs they fix my flagged account i am so happy
  9. I am So happy Thankew You fiver Team
  10. I am new on Fiver and also received 6 orders in the past 2 months after the update my account got flagged This was a bad update on Fiver as who are new on Fiver and have willing to work as a new and also day by day my impression and clicks goes down
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