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  1. Stop playing games. I can see from your profile your last delivery was 3 days ago. And you are also a level 2 seller.
  2. I'm not quite sure, but I think 760 x 490 can work. I like to buy gig images from other freelancers on Fiverr. You can try that out if you can't find the creativity within you of creating a gig image.
  3. You're welcome. I'd suggest you set up new gigs that their URL align with the new title you will be using. And also, as you set up your gig. Please remember using keywords. It's simple, just switch to buying. Pretend you are a buyer looking for the services that you offer. Than you'll see those keywords, use those keywords for your gig title as well. And your gig description. When writing a gig description, don't sound like a robot. Clients are looking for real people to work with. Don't just stamp keywords without your gig description explaining to clients how it will solve their problems.
  4. Yes, remove link from your gig. You may get your account banned. There are specific portfolio links that Fiverr allow. And if you share any personal information on the links you have provided, remember Fiverr CS usually take a look at your gig. And if they find anything suspicious with the link you've added on your gig description you might end up getting your account banned. Be careful.
  5. What do you mean by pixelated? Try coming up with a targeted keyword title and gig description. Just never make the mistake of copy pasting someone else's, you'll receive a waring and result to your account being suspended. I believe in you, you can come up with a unique and keyword optimized gig title. Just try. Switch to buying, search for a services that relates to the services you offer and you'll see suggested keywords. Just like in the screenshot below, you'll see I've search for HTML website, and it showed me the suggested keywords. Those are the terms that buyers use to search for services.
  6. We kinda do the same niche me and you, what I can suggest you do, is to change your gig title. It's against your gig ranking in many ways, first, it does not have any keyword. Please, you want to make it easier for the search engine to find your gig. And also, make some changes on your gig description. If you would ask me, I would suggest that you delete those gigs and create new one. I'm sure they don't get enough exposure. By exposure I mean your daily impressions and clicks. You are offering to create websites for people, but you haven't specified what type of website you offer. Is it HTML, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace? What type of website are you offering? Your gig title should answer that even before someone gets to your gig description. Find a way to play with the search algorithm.
  7. I think YouTube links are allowed as portfolio? Or am I wrong?
  8. I think this thing about being on the first page is a myth, don't believe it. Just do your best to optimize your gigs, attaching quality work samples on your gig gallery, and using unique and attractive gig images. Think of it this way. Let's say the Fiverr search algorithm works like Google. And as you say, it put certain contents on the first page. When someone searches for something it give the results of the same content over and over again, will that make any sense. That's what you mean by saying you want your gig on the first page of search results. Like Google, the Fiverr search engine looks at relevancy. Someone search for, "Flat minimalist logo," it won't show your gig on that search results, only if your gig is optimized and simplifies the job for the search engine to find it, with the keyword; flat minimalist logo, and tags. No ones gig can remain on the first page. The search results keep on rotating on every search a buyer makes. You just make it easy for the search engine to find your gig and display it to buyers, you'll not have any problem. Stop the myth of appearing on the first page, since to me it doesn't make any sense. If it's was true your gig will always be on the first page of search results, then only a few people would have been getting orders. And that would have made the search engine inefficient for it's purpose.
  9. Apparently no one can give you an answer to that. Everyone have their own personal experience with Fiverr. It just depends on how you strategize your business on Fiverr. Just look a strategy that will work for you, understand the market first, then everything will follow. Even the so called YouTube Guru's can't give you a solution to that. Learn from other sellers, how they set up their gigs titles, gigs descriptions, learn how to communicate with buyers who contact you, and most importantly, your skills are what matter the most at the end of the day. And please, choose the right people you pick advice from, and also judge the advice you are given yourself first before implementing them. Some people will just tell you things to seem like they know, but they totally know nothing. It's a unique experience for everyone, and it needs patience, discipline, consistency, being smart, and hard work.
  10. I can say, even the internet, and the software you pay for in order to deliver quality services are expenses. When you are thinking about your price, you can also set it to cater for your time, your monthly internet bill, and your software subscription. You can't pay $50 monthly for Adobe products just to offer your services for $5.
  11. What is the reason for your account being restricted?
  12. Wow, I wish to see one of those, pandas, and bengali tigers some day in my life.
  13. Bison burger! Lol! Isn't that illegal? Even in my country people eat Buffalo steaks. I too ate it one time in pre-school in an essay writing competition. We went to an essay writing competition from Nakuru (the small town I was raised in) to Nairobi, we we're prepared a buffalo steak. Funny thing is, our essays were about preserving wild life, but in the essay competition we were prepared buffalo steak, that was just too ironic.
  14. A lioness walking in Nairobi National Park. If you take a deeper look, you'll see the city buildings. This freaks anyone out. One day a disaster happens and the animals manage to get out of the fence, I wonder how that day will look like.
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