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  1. I'm not quite sure, but I think 760 x 490 can work. I like to buy gig images from other freelancers on Fiverr. You can try that out if you can't find the creativity within you of creating a gig image.
  2. You're welcome. I'd suggest you set up new gigs that their URL align with the new title you will be using. And also, as you set up your gig. Please remember using keywords. It's simple, just switch to buying. Pretend you are a buyer looking for the services that you offer. Than you'll see those keywords, use those keywords for your gig title as well. And your gig description. When writing a gig description, don't sound like a robot. Clients are looking for real people to work with. Don't just stamp keywords without your gig description explaining to clients how it will solve their problems.
  3. Yes, remove link from your gig. You may get your account banned. There are specific portfolio links that Fiverr allow. And if you share any personal information on the links you have provided, remember Fiverr CS usually take a look at your gig. And if they find anything suspicious with the link you've added on your gig description you might end up getting your account banned. Be careful.
  4. What do you mean by pixelated? Try coming up with a targeted keyword title and gig description. Just never make the mistake of copy pasting someone else's, you'll receive a waring and result to your account being suspended. I believe in you, you can come up with a unique and keyword optimized gig title. Just try. Switch to buying, search for a services that relates to the services you offer and you'll see suggested keywords. Just like in the screenshot below, you'll see I've search for HTML website, and it showed me the suggested keywords. Those are the terms that buyers use to search for services.
  5. We kinda do the same niche me and you, what I can suggest you do, is to change your gig title. It's against your gig ranking in many ways, first, it does not have any keyword. Please, you want to make it easier for the search engine to find your gig. And also, make some changes on your gig description. If you would ask me, I would suggest that you delete those gigs and create new one. I'm sure they don't get enough exposure. By exposure I mean your daily impressions and clicks. You are offering to create websites for people, but you haven't specified what type of website you offer. Is it HTML, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace? What type of website are you offering? Your gig title should answer that even before someone gets to your gig description. Find a way to play with the search algorithm.
  6. I think YouTube links are allowed as portfolio? Or am I wrong?
  7. Good advice @mark_deen It's amazing seeing a fellow Kenya who has made a big progress on Fiverr. Lol! We somehow work on the same niche.
  8. @corsogr I agree with you. Forum badges are just meaningless to your success on the platform as a sellers. They don't really matter.
  9. Totally okay, it’s jusy an OS. Fiverr doesn’t care what OS you use. As long as you abide by their TOS and do your best for your growth and the growth of the platform. No worries.
  10. In my country you can’t do anything important withiout a National ID. You do anything to get it, but it’s not that hard to get. Application will take about 4 hours then you’ll get your card after 2 weeks. But the government has introduced a new card to replace the National ID card; the Huduma Card. A smart card powered by Master Card. By the end of the year everyone is supposed to have their Huduma card since by Dec National ID will be invalid. Good thing I’ve applied for mine, just waiting fo the text message to go for it. Funny thing even children over 6 years are applying for it and parents are entitled the responsibility to ensure their kids have applied for the Huduma Number.
  11. How long does it take to get your National ID done in your country? You can verify you ID even after the 13 days are over. But you won’t be allowed to do any activity on Fiverr.
  12. As long as the document you upload has your real name (The name you used to create your Fiverr account) and a clear shot of your face, it will work. That’s why I advice you to use Student ID if you have. Trying won’t hurt.
  13. They won’t I had a friend who was banned from Fiverr for not verifying his ID. He didn’t have a driver’s license, National ID, Passport or even a student ID. I was asked to verify my ID after my first sale on Fiverr, for me it was a smooth process.
  14. I’ve heard somewhere in the Forum that you can use your Student ID to very your Identification on Fiverr. If you have that in possession, why not try it out?
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