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  1. At least they got rid of the thread with my client's name in it. I went and looked up what the client was bemoaning, that I didn't answer their follow up question - well, upon review I DID - just not in the way they wanted. Their question was a WHOLE new reading, which they were not in a position to buy at that time. So there. Add to it, she has been back since that reading, so I guess I don't suck too badly at giving her advice. Oh well. GG
  2. OOOPS Sony, you forgot to sign out of your new "kara" account! Damn, I hate when that happens! Busted. GG
  3. At least one of them has decided to create a dummy/fake account in order to implore the entire forum membership to "report my profile". So scared.... GG
  4. Well, that makes no sense. I would write to customer service and inquire why your Gig that is doing well (at least in your eyes) is not qualified to be promoted while another Gig that is not as successful is OK to be promoted. Thing is, by doing that, they may pull the other Gigs ability to be promoted! So, ask at your own peril. GG
  5. My hair is naturally red for your information. I am Irish. Got any other antagonistic questions for me? I do have an Irish temper too, so be careful. GG
  6. But, yet, here you are in the forum handing out advice as though you were a successful seller in the know. Odd. GG
  7. Stop posting this over and over. Perhaps your ability to communicate effectively is why you are not getting orders. GG
  8. No, Mr. Happy Ginger Man, he most certainly did NOT mistakenly hit the spam button. This guy EARNED it. Now he gets to OWN it. GG
  9. Who the heck has this kind of time to chit chat? No one who is successful, that is for sure. This is why Fiverr has a system where a buyer can just click and order - done and done, no first date, no lobster dinner and a movie - it is right to the action, if you get my drift, which I am sure you do not. Trust me, if you write a reply to a Buyer's Request that goes on and on and on and on, it will be tossed into the junk file. People just want their stuff done here - and from what I can see from her - they want it done on the cheap. She is better passing up ridiculously cheap offers from buyers, because these are buyers who will work you like a small child in a sweat shop. No thanks. Stick to your prices and what you feel your services are worth OP. And, do not write long winded replies to Buyer's Request etc. GG
  10. He needs to be "everywhere" on this forum. His advice is worth its weight and puts to rest the nonsense "advice" given by those who just joined the platform an hour ago. GG
  11. You may want to learn how to spell lawyer. oops Go back to pollinating, you are almost at Level 11 with your badges. GG
  12. No. Their "reading and comprehension" ability is dismal. Just look at all the replies they make in the forum that are only to gain points thinking that badges will get them orders. I would never order from this person who is using a trademarked name as their name just from their performance in the forum. You can bet with all the spammy posts they put here, they likely wrote to the buyer a gazillion times asking, "Are you there? Dear, you order now? Sir, I am waiting for you to order" LOL GG
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