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  1. I have had the "unread messages" debacle for over a year now. GG
  2. Giving discounts because someone's currency isn't worth much is a deep hole that will be hard to crawl out of. This "buyer" will expect discounts on any future order they make with you. I would imagine that you set your prices on your Gig(s) to suit your level of talent, experience and what you need to make in order to live. You set your prices, not the buyer. There are plenty of buyers here who troll the new accounts looking for hungry sellers who will be likely flogged to death with revisions, and continued "discounts" because they are "poor" or their currency is in the toilet. GG
  3. Why are you messaging other sellers? Are you intending to buy their services? If not, your messages are probably being marked as spam and YES, this CAN affect your account. In fact, get reported for sending messages (unsolicited) to other sellers (unless you are asking to buy something they sell) enough times, and your account will be banned. GG
  4. Read this: https://www.fiverr.com/support/sections/360004979897-Promoted-Gigs?segment=seller GG
  5. Whenever you cancel an order (or the buyer does) it will affect your ranking in the pages. Your analytics will be affected - your completion rate if you have not had a completed order yet, will probably be at 0% - so, yes, you do get punished for something that may have been out of your control. There were a couple of things you could have done to deal with this buyer. First, you could have used the Resolution Center to extend the delivery time due to a lack of information to start on the order. Second, if they did not respond to that, you can reach out to customer service and explain that you have an order that does not have requirements to get started if ask them to cancel the order so it will not affect your stats or ranking here. Sounds like you did reach out to customer service, but, you may have not explained properly or they just didn't understand what it is you needed. A cancelled order does not just disappear. It will be reflected in your "completed orders' stats for the next 60 days. The only way to overcome your stats from tanking, is to complete orders so that you can bring it back up. You may want to look at your requirements page and make sure that you are clear on what it is you need before starting an order. GG
  6. Unfortunately, if you and your buddies are on the same IP address and also offering the same services (Gigs in the same categories), Fiverr will assume it is one person with more than one account. All you can do is contact Fiverr and let them know your situation and see if there is a workaround. I doubt it though. OR you all could offer Gigs in different categories. Here is where you can contact Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new GG
  7. Glad to see you back on the forum! 

  8. As mentioned, just because you made 20k or fulfill the requirements to qualify for consideration to be a TRS, it does not automatically occur like other levels do. There is a lot more behind the scenes that goes on in how Fiverr staff chooses who to level up to this rank. Think of TRS and fulfilling the requirements as if you received a credit card promotion in the mail: you have been selected to apply because you meet the criteria, but, until they actually review your credit (or here, it would be your account, statistics etc) you are not approved. Best analogy I could come up with. If you are to make TRS, you then have to maintain all of the standards to keep that level - which can be a struggle if you have a month of cancellations, someone rating you low or who knows what. Here is a link to read about levels: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560118-Achieving-levels GG
  9. You must be new. DO NOT advise this person to send a "cold message" to a previous buyer asking them for orders or work. Why? Because, if for some reason, he were to message the one buyer who is having a bad day or is annoyed by the message, his message can be marked as SPAM by that previous buyer and he will definitely see his Gigs tank further than they have already. Being reported for UNSOLICITED messages can also get his account a warning, prevent him from leveling up as well as impact his placement in the listings. If enough people who receive his "plea" for orders report him, his account could be restricted or even banned. Do NOT message anyone here out of the blue - only RESPOND to a message sent to you recently. GG
  10. What about those of us who are nocturnal? I have never been a "day" person - I always am more awake and productive at night. I would say that if those who are awake during the day AND trying to stay up late at night doing Fiverr, this could be harmful as they are not resting their body, but, everyone has their own internal clock. I have been a night person since I was young. I can see though, where some on your side of the world may think they need to be awake during the daytime here in the U.S., but, this is not always true. GG
  11. Well, hell's bells, there go my chances at success! I KNEW there was something missing! I was praying to the wrong guy!!! Darn you Moses!!! 🤣 GG
  12. Wow, that item #4 is really informative. SAID. NO. ONE. EVER. STOP GIVING BAD ADVICE. I see you are a "pollinator" in the forums as well. GG
  13. Ok, so provide receipts of your "communication with CS" where they explicitly TOLD YOU that by posting in the forum you would be chosen for TRS or your chances are higher. And, since you seem to want to peddle your theory over and over, are you a TRS? I know you didn't want anyone to "question your authority on the subject" but, last time I checked, the forum was for discourse, not for people to make unsubstantiated claims and then run off saying they do not want to be proven wrong. gg
  14. World Domination 43% Most of my orders come from the U.S. I have no idea how to get the map thing in here. Oh well. I have not made a sale in Senegal. gg
  15. Do you even know what impressions on the site means? Seems you do not. It has NOTHING to do with flogging your Fiverr link on social media. GG
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