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Tips for mastering communication


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What’s a sure-fire tactic that can help you excel in key areas of your success score such as client satisfaction, effective communication, and conflict-free orders? Practicing strategic and clear communication with your clients throughout the ordering process. 

Checking in with your clients helps give them peace of mind, a sense of control over the results, and the opportunity to offer feedback–all of which can contribute to a remarkable client experience for your customers.

What are some tips and tricks you’ve found to be effective when it comes to mastering order communication? How often do you share updates on your progress? What kinds of clarifying questions do you ask? How many drafts do you send over for initial feedback?

Share your best practices with the community below!

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On 4/26/2024 at 11:34 AM, Kesha said:

How many drafts do you send over for initial feedback?

If Fiverr added a "send draft" option that stopped the clock until the buyer responded it might be helpful. If you send drafts and they don't respond for days it could make your delivery go late in the current Fiverr system or they might keep asking for lots of revisions on the drafts sent (before the actual delivery is sent) which could also cause the delivery to go late (unless an extensions is made, which might not be accepted in time to stop it going late). Though it would also be better if Fiverr stopped the revisions making an order late if they keep asking for revisions (it didn't used to work like that. It used to be if the initial delivery was on time it wouldn't be counted as late if they kept revising it).

So I communicate enough (which seems to increase success score even if other things are lower), including for things in the inbox if an order has completed but they still wanted revisions and still had free ones, but I don't send a lot of drafts. 

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communication is a key.

fiverr do provide Zoom meeting options on fiverr to do calls with client.

normally I see a lot of non technical clients so If we update our client every week and show him the progress even 5% out of 100 our client will definately be satisfied and more over be confident.

lastly, before accepting order and drafting milestones for client this is very important to update client what they will get in each one or else you will face a major conflict on final milestone delviery.

Open for suggestions.


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