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  1. Much Interested, looking forward to join the seller plus program!
  2. Its really good to see the forum back, everything looks amazing!
  3. Interested, I would love to get boost in orders and analytics!
  4. Still can’t see subscription button but happy to see that!
  5. Really great to see, good luck to you and set your goals for next year, hopefully next year would be great for you!
  6. Very sad to hear, if your response rate went down that should be because you didn’t replied some of your buyers or did response after a day gape, also similar topic already discussed here!
  7. Well its very sad to know, I would recommend you to leave another message in the same ticket, tell them you didn’t get any response from Fiverr CS even after (mention days), they will be back to you within 24hrs.
  8. So, today I received an email from Payoneer as exactly: image599×515 11 KB I can see a fund of $150 is available to be accepted at my Payoneer account, is there anyone who got such kind of email from Payoneer? I found an interest rate is 4% for that amount!
  9. I only kind of know what you’re saying because of the other things you’ve said. But it’s not wise or fair to assume that people should have to decode what you’re trying to say. This thing I quoted makes absolutely no sense at all. None. Why would I buyer work with someone if half of what they say makes no sense and they have to solve a puzzle to figure out what the seller means. Why would a buyer do that for you? As my post is about the new badges, but at this moment we don’t know why Fiverr introduced these badges & what benefits Fiverr gonna give to these badge’s buyers? You must be known that Top Buyer has the value at Fiverr and top buyers always get benefits at Fiverr against the sellers, and similar new badges will have more benefits for buyers. As again please don’t worry about my buyers! If you will be my buyer then I would happy to make things clear with you.
  10. This makes no sense at all. Please work on your English. I’m not going to sit here and try to decode your very poor English to try to figure out what you mean and it’s not reasonable to expect me or anyone to do that. And just think: if I can’t understand you, buyers probably can’t either. Wow, I am not gonna accept your taunt! I don’t think this topic is about my poor English or your Excellent, if you don’t know about the cons & pros, then it’s not my fault… Also, you don’t need to sit here & decode my English. Please don’t worry about my buyers, I am the one who will take care of this if you’re not understanding then I really can’t do anything for you.
  11. No idea what that means. As these badges will have some reasons, these will acts after some time, maybe Fiverr will give additional services with these badges, that’s why cons & pros will react after some time.
  12. Well we will understand this approach after some time, because cons & pros will react after some time.
  13. I can understand how this frustrating for you, hence no one can help you here, you have to wait for CS response, as currently CS response time is more then 20 days, so you have to wait for this.
  14. In my experience, I found these notices for only two buyers, both are buying my services for years, so I think they deserve this & there might be more discount for them too, your concerns about this may not change what already happened, but yes, we can discuss & can share thoughts on this!
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