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Either Offer extra work for free Or We Will give Negative Feedback!


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I guess this is the new slogan of some cheap buyers. First they order your gig, you do your work and deliver files as per the description. Then they will say that they are not happy with your work and will ask you to do something totally different instead of asking for revisions on the designs you sent, and when you ask more money for new logo or designs they will give you a negative feedback on the order. This is what happened to me just now!

Buyer asked me to make a text logo for him which he said he will be using as a facebook cover. I made the logo and delivered him all the files. He then said that he is not satisfied with the design and asked me to make a new logo with absolutely different text for him in return. Also he never explained what he didn’t liked about the design.

To which I told him that I will offer free revisions on the Actual text, but he will have to make a new order if he want to have a new logo with different text.

He then posted a negative feedback on my Gig. without explaning anything to me.

I can also show you the design if forum permits me to. Also I can show you the entire conversation.

I guess some buyers have found a Loophole in the fiverr feedback system, by which they exploit the sellers. I guess buyers should not be allowed to give negative feedback on their personal taste. What do you say sellers?

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Yes you’re right.

It’s happening with me also, I always go mad, and then I try to control my self and doing their extra work.

Also I contacted Fiverr Customer support for this but they just say to cancel the order, or cancel themselves, and Doesn’t listen anything from Seller and return all the funds back to Buyer.

I’ve done work for 1-2 hours and charged $15 for that and now Buyer is asking for Extra work , and He rejected Orders and saying that if you’ll not do it then I’ll give a Negative Feedback.

What the heck is this ? I just love Fiverr but Fiverr should support Sellers also and ban these type of buyers or should not give them ability to give negative feedback after checking that if Seller has done complete work or not.

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I think months ago, many TRSs predicted the new rating system would be a weapon to manipulate sellers. They may of done the same with thumbs up and thumbs down rating, but now they can drag your rating down even further with a one star rating.

These scammers are more than likely selling the work they get from Fiverr and trying to optimize their profits by getting as much work as they can for as little cost as possible.

Fiverr not doing anything about it is even worse.

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