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Voice over: What do you think about the sound quality?


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Hi dear colleague of fiverr, I’m a voiceover and I was very happy that my clients were happy, however, recently I had a client who told me it looks like a robot, another who told me he would liked to hear my real voice he would have liked it to be less robotic so I really don’t understand what’s going on because I can’t realize it while listening and I don’t think he has anything thing that has changed since doing voiceover and my clients were very happy with the sound, can you listen to this audio and tell me what you think? Do you perceive a robotic voice? If so where can it come from, the microphone? acoustics? the location of my recording studio?

many thanks for your help

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French speaker to the rescue! I know nothing in voiceover, but you don’t sound like a robot to me. Maybe the second one sound a little bit like you are reading a text with the way you make the pauses, sounds awkward in some places, but it may be because of the way the text is worded. One thing is sure though, it doesn’t sound like it’s computer generated.

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Bonjour, je suis Français, pour moi votre voix est trés agréable à écouter, elle est “souriante”, aucun problème de son, ni d’enregistrement.

Hello, I am French, for me your voice is very pleasant to listen to, it is “smiling”, no problem with sound or recording.

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Hi there!

I’m a bilingual English/French voice actress, so I think I can help!
I’ve had the “robot!!!” comments from time to time, and what they mean by that is that your voice sounds kind of flat. They want you to either sound MUCH more conversational, or MUCH more energetic.
Your voice and the general sound quality are great in my opinion, they likely just mean that your voiceover sample sounds very, very professional, without any personality. This isn’t meant as an insult, many people seek out that very professional tone, but others may feel this sounds devoid of personality/emotion, so usually adding energy and inflection or making it less professional and more chatty resolves the “robot” comments.

All the best!

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Je suis d’accord avec le commentaire de Joyh97.
Ce n’est pas méchant de la part du client, c’est un ressenti que j’ai moi aussi. Je trouve également la voix un peu trop “robotique”. J’ai même cru un moment qu’il s’agissait d’un synthétiseur vocal !
Encore une fois, il ne faut surtout pas se vexer, ce n’est pas méchant du tout.

Vous avez juste l’habitude de faire des voix dans un registre particulier, pour des boites vocales, des pubs radio, des pubs internet, etc… où c’est le message qui compte. Je veux dire par là que vous avez plus l’habitude de clients qui veulent que leur message soit compris, et moins l’habitude de clients qui veulent que leur message soit entendu, avec toute la charge émotionnelle qui peut l’accompagner.

La voix, dans la démo, est assez plate, même si elle semble souriante.
Et c’est le rythme, saccadé, associé à ce côté un peu plat, qui retire en grande partie ce côté humain qu’attendait le client.
Pour cela, il faut s’entrainer suffisamment, dans des registres un peu différents.
Vous y arriverez avec un peu d’entrainnement.
Bon courage !

I agree with Joyh97’s comment.
It is not bad on the part of the client, it is a feeling that I have too. I also find the voice a bit too “robotic”. I even thought for a moment that it was a voice synthesizer!
Once again, it is important not to be offended, it is not bad at all.

You are just more used of making voices in a particular register, for voice mailboxes, radio ads, internet ads, etc. where it’s the message that counts. By that I mean that you are more used of customers wanting their message understood, and less used of customers wanting their message to be heard, with all the emotional charge that can accompany it.

The voice, in the demo, is quite flat, even if it seems smiling.
And it is the jerky rhythm, associated with this slightly flat side, which largely removes the human side that the customer was waiting for.
For this, you have to train enough, in slightly different registers.
You will get there with a little practice.
Good luck !

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Every once in awhile I’ll get that from some client, but I’d say it’s one out of every 100 folks or so. Unless it’s something you hear a lot, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Sometimes we can sound robotic if the energy is low, you’re tired etc so that’s something to consider. But sometimes it’s because you have an unnaturally worded script, and the delivery can’t fully salvage it.

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Hello, I don’t quite understand the language which you spoke but your voice at some point looks close to a robot(sorry don’t want be mean). I am no voice over expert but I think you should bring more emotions to your voice like your accent stays exact the same thought the audio maybe you should try and change it in between so there is a variation between them. Hope it Helps.

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