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  1. Tip from Fiverr to regain your ranking: deliver quality work, put pretty images and good keywords and be kind to your customers 😂
  2. No, the algorithm is written for the benefit of Fiverr and not the sellers. In my opinion, this is voluntary, Fiverr prefers to give a little to everyone rather than favoring some too much. Fiverr does not guarantee any page rankings. It happens to everyone, it's nice.
  3. Do you know what echo is in acoustics? This is when the same sound is repeated many times. This is what happens when you answer a question on the forum, then many people repeat the same answer, without adding any new information. Stop it.😁
  4. Hi, it's not allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr. 100% of those kind of proposals are scam targetting beginners, just report them, but you must reply something before mark them as spam. I reply :"I don't communicate outside of Fiverr"
  5. No, never do contact outside of Fiverr, it's forbiden, your account will be deleted.
  6. However, as a buyer I sometimes receive this type of message from my former sellers: "😀good morning, any new project for me?" . If I mark them as spam, they are also blocked and will no longer be able to contact me, but neither will I, which I don't want. So I have to put up with their spam messages, right?
  7. Hello my virtual comrades 😘 Is it considered spam by fiverr to send messages to former customers to tell them that we are doing a promotion for example?
  8. Pfeiffer syndrome is a complex genetic disorder in which certain bones in the skull fuse (join together) early in their development. This prevents the skull from growing normally, affecting the shape of the head and face and sometimes causing increased pressure around the brain. (Google)
  9. You just have to wait. After 1 cancellation, I had to wait 2 month to be 100% again (and to receive orders again 😁)
  10. When you use the forum every day and look for interesting information, it's annoying to see the useless and repetitive messages from certain users. To block them: Profile - Preferences - Users - Ignored and/or Muted - add the username you want to block. and presto they no longer exist.😁 You can do this to my profile if I bothered you 😘
  11. what about becoming a POT SELLER? 😁
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