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  1. Has anyone else experienced this? My buyer’s package includes 5 revisions but she says she can’t ask for one. Is this a bug or someone who isn’t tech savvy / is trying to scam me? (although I don’t think the latter is the case)
  2. I have actually experienced/noticed this myself. When I was a level 1 buyer I suddenly got less impressions/clicks and orders. Now that I’ve gone down a level (mainly due to a response rate bug) I’m suddenly getting more traffic again.
  3. And I’m sure you don’t have to 😉 Fiverr CS doesn’t look into previous tickets so I would’ve just reply to fiverr CS agent that fiverr itself cancelled the order with that client for breaking TOS and unfortunately you will not be able to keep working with that client. Though it is quite annoying. I recently got an email from CS asking me to redeliver files to a client because they are blurry. I opened the order aaaand it turned out to be a LogoMaker order where fiverr itself generating files automatically. So I suspect that in this cases CS is just sending you a standard message without even looking into that. Yeah, I hope you’re right. I’ve responded to the latest CS agent with the Id of the previous CS conversation + in short why I don’t want to work with this buyer again. This buyer actually kept using the preview file with watermarks over it and then asking me for the correct file dimensions without watermarks 😭 (which was attached aswell). I couldn’t get him to understand that the file he was using was just the preview file and the watermarks are a temporary safety measure 😂
  4. Update: Situation has been fixed! CS understands my concerns and won’t force me to continue with this buyer - phew 🙂 … Am I rude for not wanting to continue this order? So I’ve been dealing with a tricky buyer for quite some time now. Right from the start when he placed the order (for logo design) he ignored half my questions. I noticed a bit of a language barrier, since his description of the order was also quite vague. Upon delivery I noticed a second problem: a digital knowledge barrier. I had to explain so much to him, even though I always add a file with guidelines/explanation about the logo files (formats, sizes, how/when to use them etc). He also didn’t seem to understand Fiverr’s whole order / delivery system. He kept accusing me of sending ‘wrong’ files and sent me printscreens where I found out he was using the files incorrectly. Sending him the logo guidelines again didn’t help. He suddenly started repeatedly asking for my phone number, which obviously made me very uncomfortable - I pointed him to Fiverr’s TOS. I asked for order cancelation because of a language + digital knowledge barrier and asking for personal details. He had no idea what I was talking about and didn’t want to cancel. Luckily Fiverr CS helped me out and canceled the order for me after seeing he asked for my phone number. He continued spamming/asking me to continue the order, so I blocked him. The next day I get a message from Fiverr CS basically asking me the same thing: to continue the order. But I REALLY don’t want to work with this buyer again. It’s not even worth the pay to me anymore, I’ve wasted enough time trying to get him to understand.
  5. Well, that’s exactly what I did with every message within the first 24 hours. It’ll say: 'Are you sure you want to mark this message as spam? There is no need to reply to spam messages, it will not hurt your response rate.’ Yet they still drop my rating if I do not reply, seems like a bug to me 😦
  6. Recently I’ve received 16 spam messages in my inbox within approx. 3 days. I instantly marked them all as spam without responding. Normally this shouldnt drop your response rate… right? Well, mine has dropped from 100% to 41%. I’ve already contacted support and they keep explaining that I need to respond first before marking as spam, which doesn’t sit right with me. What’s your experience/thoughts on this matter?
  7. A buyer responded to my order delivery by message, telling me he/she wasn’t quite satisfied yet. But, the buyer never asked for a revision, so after 3 days the order completed automatically. Now the buyer is messaging me ‘Where are the new files? I haven’t received any’. I’m not quite sure what to do now. Either way I’d be okay with the buyer receiving a refund. The buyer kept upscaling the order beyond the original scope, way more than agreed beforehand. He/she was willing to somewhat raise the price, but was also limited to an impossible timeframe. So if the order would have continued, I’d probably have cancelled it anyway. I’ve explained it to the buyer, but he/she is new to Fiverr and doesn’t really seem to understand Fiverr’s system. I’ve also contacted Fiverr CS and am waiting for an answer.
  8. Increase your price and decrease your amount of revisions, it changes the way buyers view you: a little more exclusive. Ofcourse this totally depends on what kind of work you deliver. I myself put in A LOT of time and effort. Offering absurdly low prices and unlimited revisions makes it very easy for buyers to take advantage of you. Saying yes to every buyer request you get. Decide what buyers suit you or not, otherwise you might end up overworking and getting major headaches. So far I’ve completed 14 orders and I’m currently working on another 4. I think I started implementing the advice after my 12th order or so - rather late! So I can’t say anything about consistency yet. Because not following this advice eventually messed up my mental state a bit.
  9. If you sent a partial delivery and the order is not ready, yet you marked it as complete, then you broke the TOS and you can get a warning or even a ban. You should never send incomplete work as a delivery. Otherwise the buyer is able to complain to customer support, cancel the order, and you might even lose your account. @donnovan86 Luckily that was not the case! I think you are misunderstanding something 🙂 . I delivered the complete work just as the buyer ordered, but he had some feedback so asked for a revision. Yet he already started using the completed, yet not final/accepted work (because of the revision).
  10. @imagination7413 no that was a different buyer, I attract some tricky ones 😂 Yes, I have looked into milestone orders, but I’m not quite sure yet if you can add milestones during an ongoing order? It has happened to me numerous times that I start off with quite a simple order and the buyer requests extra stuff (for extra time and money, obviously) and I just add extras instead of milestones.
  11. Already contacted support about it, no clear answer yet. The watermark only works for me for seperate images, but a lot of my deliveries include files that don’t seem to support Fiverr watermarks.
  12. As a seller I know a buyer has to pay before ordering. But, the seller won’t receive this payment until completion of the order. One of my buyers already started using my work from earlier deliveries that he asked revisions on; so from a yet to be completed order. This means it would be possible for the buyer to cancel the order while he is already using my work. I tried to explain this to him, but he doesn’t really see the error in that. I’m wondering, is this a violation of TOS or not? This is what I was able to find, but it doesn’t quite cover my problem: ‘All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the Buyer shall be subject to full payment and the delivery may not be used if payment is canceled for any reason.’ Fiverr.com Payments Terms and ConditionsPayments Terms and Conditions
  13. They might possibly mean robotic in a Siri like way. It might sound almost a little too polished to some people. I personally don’t mind it.
  14. Oh you can add custom extras? Didn’t even know. Learning something new everyday. I do always hand over the vector files, font files etc. including instructions, because it’s necessary for their future designs. That’s a different story to me. But it seems strange for them to be able to edit the brand book/guidelines, since it’s not something they’re specialized in. I guess you’re right, it’s up to them if they purchase it. Just doesn’t seem like the best idea to me, haha.
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