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  1. Touchy one. If it’s truly for personal use, no problem on the buyer’s part. I could make myself a Pokemon game using pokemon game’s assets and there would be no problem as long as I don’t post it online or make money out of it…but he could be lying. For you however I don’t know, because if you take the order…technically you make money out of it. I think I would contact the CS and ask them, then they’ll decide what they do with that.
  2. Not at all, my delivery was the sketch of a thief character. I’ve never seen that logo before. That’s super weird I did contact the CS with some screen shot. I’m waiting for their replies.
  3. I opened the file for fun. It’s a logo that says sam’s funiture with a garage on top… :thinking:
  4. No like I said the customer accepted the delivery before I could try anything, saying she would not download the source file because she didn’t need it. I just had to upload it because it comes with the package she ordered. It wasn’t a custom offer. Still, that’s not explaining why a file that I don’t have on my computer got uploaded there. I’m scanning my laptop to make sure it’s not a virus, while waiting for the CS to respond.
  5. I’ve got a problem that I have no explanation for. I finished an order and wanted to deliver it, but every time I try the source file get change for a file named Sams_logo.jpg. I thought I had clicked on the wrong file and delivered my order again. This time I was 100% sure I had sent the right file. But Sams_logo.png reappeared on the the new delivery replacing the source file. And in my previous delivery sams_logo.jpg is gone and it’s now showing the right source file I wanted to deliver in the first place. Note that I have no file named sams_logo.jpg on my computer. Edit: The customer accepted the delivery, because they didn’t need the source file, and told me they would not download that suspicious logo file. I contacted CS since I’m scared my account have been compromised.
  6. I’m going to be super unoriginal but…
  7. Story time! (Insert here a bunch of children screaming Yay! sound effect) Once upon a time, near my home, was a grocery store. The store had really great deals as when the meat they were selling was about to expire, they would drop the prices by a lot. So you could get a package of sausages for 0.50$ which is really really cheap by my country’s standards. Inside, everything was quiet, stern and white, even the light. Entering the store made you feel uneasy, like you were in a post apocalyptical horror game. Expecting a zombie to jump on you at every turn. The rotten food on the shelves, left there untouched for weeks, and the smell, just added to that feel. On the other side of the town was another grocery store. The food there was way more expensive, a packet of sausages was around 5$ and 10$ depending of the kind of sausages you would pick, but everything was homemade. Music from different cultures around the world would welcome you as you entered. The shelves were full of fresh and sometimes exotic food. The staff was welcoming and competent and could even tell you how to cook that exotic vegetable you had never seen before and which wine would go well with it. Now, I’ll let you guess which of those two grocery store is still open and which one didn’t last a year.
  8. While I’ve never experienced this, if it is like the “spam report” where they tell you it won’t impact your response rate, but your response rate go down regardless. It probably means that you have to contact the CS to get it fixed when it happens. If they would focus of solving small problems like that, without the seller having to contact CS every time, CS would get less tickets and would probably be able to be more efficient. Can you imagine, with the amount of orders placed everyday on this platform, the amount of messages from sellers they receive per day for stuff like this.
  9. Three months ago I was contacted by a client to do a logo for him, I made a draft and he was happy but stop responding (usually in that case I never send more messages in a row). He contacted me this week to continue with the order. I looked at his folder (I make folders for each client) and there was the source file… without that, I would have to do the work twice for same price. I always keep source files of everything. Yeah I started keeping them when I joined Fiverr. I thought it would be wiser. But for the art I used as sample for my gig, it’s personals art I did years ago, so I didn’t see the use in keeping them. So if Fiverr was to ask me to provide source file for them now, I don’t think I would be able to provide them. Maybe if I’m lucky they are lost somewhere in the files of one of my computers.
  10. Let’s exorcise the scientific in me and give an update in normal way. After my last message he stop responding again. I did the sketch like he ordered and waited for him to approve it or tell me if he wanted me to complete it. But he wouldn’t get online and the clock was ticking. I made the decision of delivering the project since he ordered a sketch and that’s exactly what I did. He didn’t get online and eventually the order auto completed. So I was like: “That’s it, I bet he is going to get online 2 000 years later and ask for a refund.” I wouldn’t dispute it, because I’m one order away from level 1 (everything else is checked), and I don’t have a lot of reviews, so I didn’t want to ruin that by risking a bad review for 10$ and 45 mins of work. Turns out…no, he got online a day after the order was auto completed, didn’t communicate with me or leave a review, but gave me 100% tip. So I guess he liked it. :woman_shrugging: I would appreciate a little bit more communication, but …I mean…as long as he don’t give me any trouble I guess I can work with that.
  11. Maybe it wouldn’t work for logos, but it could work for other visual art categories… but I would be in deep trouble if this would be implemented, since I don’t keep the source file for most of my drawings. If I won’t need them or post them anywhere, I don’t bother keeping them.
  12. Aw 😔 Well, let’s hope it will be implemented in the illustrator category too in the futur, because it really needs it.
  13. That would be great! Because if you type in the search my type of illustration (fantasy horror) you get more like 80% of fake sellers. It’s crazy. I’ve tried reporting them with evidences, but it didn’t seem to do much.
  14. The chocolate tart recipe from Philippe Conticini. Every bite is a mouthgasm. This can trigger a war in the hose on who gets the last piece of tart. It’s just…out of this world. 🤤
  15. I don’t have a lot of reviews yet, but this on is my fav. Not only because the review is nice, but because working with this buyer was great. If all buyers could be like him I’d be in heaven. review1046×114 17.2 KB
  16. I started out by copying pictures, it’s an amazing tool to learn. But this led to people sending me picture and asking me to copy them, because they saw I was good at that. I felt more like a printer than an artist. I got bored quickly, I quitted doing art completely for a couple of years because of this. It was even more depressing seing my “copies of picture” were getting more positive attention than my original artwork that had heart put into it. It 's a positive that Fiverr brought me. I get orders because they like my art style, not because I’m a human printer and it feels nice.
  17. You’ve send me a private message. I flagged it as spam because you didn’t ask before contacting me and wanted to discuss over e-mail and I’m not sharing my e-mail with random people I don’t know. But I can answer you here. By what I’ve read here and the message you’ve sent me. All I get is that you want some magical formula that would allow you to make ton of money without any effort. The short answer is: There is none. There is no magic trick. There is nothing I could say that would automatically guarantee you orders. Advices were given to you, read them. Search the forum there is plenty of good tips to help you. There is a saying where live that says: “Aides-toi et le ciel t’aidera” which translate to: “Help yourself and heaven will help you.” Start by doing your homework and help yourself a little bit, you can’t expect forum members to do all the work for you. People are way more inclined to help, when you show some efforts on your side.
  18. You can ask for any illustrators that draw in the style you are looking for. I’ve got a couple of requests for album covers (3 so far) it just happens that all of them ghosted me when I said yes… for some reason. 😅 But I’m pretty sure most illustrators, even if they don’t have a gig specialized in album cover would do it.
  19. You did well to report that artist. There is a lot of talented artist on Fiverr, but unfortunatly a lot of fake one too. Reporting this kind of behavior just make the platform better for everyone, including other artists.👍
  20. If I were you I would jut flag his messages as spam and he won’t be able to contact you anymore.
  21. You should remove the unlimited revision. Fiverr takes it literally. This means that a Buyer could ask for revisions for years and you wouldn’t get paid more. You’d have to cancel the order or keep working indefinitely because CS wouldn’t help you. It better to offer a limited amount of revisions and leave it to your discretion to do more if the requests seems reasonable.
  22. You don’t have to update your gig everyday. From what I’ve read on the forum, sometimes updating it will have your gig deranked or removed from search until it’s reviewed (depending on what changes you made). If your gig is all good don’t touch it.
  23. I re-asked the questions in the order pages and they responded. Would have been faster to just write it in the requirements in the first place, but at least I was able to complete to order properly.
  24. Even with the requirements being after the payment, it doesn’t seem to stop them. I had buyers skip through my requirements by writing comas and picking a random answer option. I don’t think asking the requirements first would change much, if they don’t want to fill it, they won’t. 😅
  25. Hi! Welcome and congrats for your first order! 1- On the order page at the very bottom you’ll see a place where you can communicate with the buyer. The attach file button is right next to the emoji one. You can send update and preview via that. 2-It’s up to you, but since the buyer can download the preview I would recommend doing so. Just mention that the logo/watermark won’t be there on the final delivery, since some buyer may think it’s part of the video. 3- You click on the deliver button on the order page, it will open a window to write a message and attach the file. Then send the delivery and wait for the buyer to accept it. If he don’t accept it, it will auto complete in 3 days.
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