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  1. This guys @rawque_gulia gave me hope to do so AGAIN! 🙂 Also, I would disagree with you on "So avoid tagging them here". Firstly, isn't it their job to gather feedbacks from sellers SPECIALLY from those who have spend years working on Fiverr Platform? Second, I know what a CS is and where tickets get resolved, the issue is, as ignored by your self as well, THE TICKETS GET AN AUTO-GENERATED RESPONSE. No matter what you write to them. TOTAL IGNORANCE. Hence, I need an explanation. How about If I share someone who has worked for 10 years and got the same FLAGGED ISSUE:
  2. @rawque_gulia @Kesha @Lyndsey_Fiverr @Noam.Arik @Shiran.M @Rebecca_Fiverr I am re-trying this all after two months, to convenience the CS that I have been wrongly Flagged. YOU GUYS WILL BE MY LAST HOPE 🙂
  3. Hello priyank, well yes I have been using a Mac, but for a couple of years now. when I had started I was on a HP laptop then switched to a Mac Air. BUT long-time ago and the CS never asked me this before the Update came. (why wait 2 years to tell me I was using a laptop that was purchased in the UK/US)
  4. Hi thanks for your reply, not that I remember to be honest. I will still take that as a possibility.
  5. Thank you for this thorough explanation @rawque_gulia. This is what I was expecting from the CS team. I was a TOP RATED ELIGIBLE seller until the update came (on 13th-14th, of last month). I had over 10k in sellers and worked with around 250 Clients. My Overall rating till date is 4..8 and Success score is 8. Now, I am level 0. with 11k Plus in Sales and better than my competition, in terms of number of Job completions. I was really excited when the Update Came to see what features will be introduced to the platform. UNFORTUNATELY, I turned out that my account has a RED BANNER stating that your account has been flagged for Severe Violation of Fiverr TOC. I spent 2.5 years on Fiverr, Becoming a Top Rated Eligible Seller is a hard nut to Crack! when you send this much Time and invest your efforts on a platform then it means you are fully aware of the TOC. HERE IS THE BEST PART: On receiving the RED BANNER, I asked for an explanation and the CS team, responded with the exact reply I have share above of, your account being flagged due to LOCATION INCONSISTENCIES. I have never being to any other country. the most I have traveled was last summer when I went from the North of Pakistan to its Southern Region for a couple of Months. WHAT IS LOCATION INCONSISTENCY? the CS never replied me with custom mails so I can prove them my location. (WHICH THEY SHOULD ALREADY HAVE) So, I was really complex yet Frustrating for me to accept that my 2.5 years of Handwork has been smashed with an Auto-Generated Message 🙂 Also, I was a Level 2 Seller at the time I had received the RED BANNER, meaning I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PRIORITISED BY THE CS TEAM, as per Fiverr's own policy. None of that seemed to happen.... @Kesha @donnovan86 @Lyndsey_Fiverr @Noam.Arik @Shiran.M @Rebecca_Fiverr
  6. Hello Fiverr Community! Is it only me or you are also observing certain, AI GENERATED RESPONSE to your TICKETS/MAILS?? These Auto-Generated responses are creating confusions and hurdles in the authenticity of Fiverr's Customer Care Team. I had reached them with a question that stated : "I have two question/ Queries: 1. The cancellation of the Mentioned Order has impacted on my GIG and it now shows 100% cancellation. Kindly remove this as the order requirements where not submit and the CS had cancelled the order itself. 2. My account has been flagged and I have received a warning, when will the Warning period be over and the Flag will be removed? Kindly reach out with answers to the above question." Their response was: "Thank you for reaching out to Fiverr Customer Support regarding the status of your account. After careful review, your account has been flagged due to location inconsistencies or other activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service. Consequently, your participation in Fiverr's level system is permanently restricted." Then I asked them: "that was not what I had asked. Kindly respond with answers to the 2 questions." Now, it's 5 days and I am yet to receive any response from the CS Team. @Kesha
  7. thanks for the prompt response @Kesha Well the CS marks my tickets as auto-solved. All I asked them in response to their explanation was, WHY IS MY ACCOUNT FLAGGED If I had worked with someone who violated the the Fiverr TOC. I didn't violated it, I was a TRS Eligible, after 3 years. Was I wrong to ask this Question? 🙃
  8. Hey @Kesha Just received the New level System and After 3 years of Hard work, I became a TOP RATED ELIGIBLE SELLER, with over 200 order completions, I AM A NEW SELLER ON FIVERR WITH ACCOUNT FLAGGED 🙂 Experienced New Seller? or New Experienced Seller? What term best defines my profile now? my account has been wrongly flagged!!!!!!
  9. Social Media is powerful when you have the right audience/ customer and know how to sell your services.
  10. Hello @Kesha My ACCOUNT FLAGGED issue wasn't solved by the CS. I believe I haven't done anything wrong as I am working on Fiverr for 3 years now, and was a TOP RATED SELLER eligible. Please guide me with the proceeding.... I don't have Success Manager to help me out 😞
  11. Hello @Kesha 3 Days left for 15th March, the commencement of the new level system and still no official response for those having ACCOUNT FLAGGED issue. The CS firstly said its INCONSISTENT LOCATION. Last time they said its because my account is POSSIBLY connected with another account that was suspended by Fiverr for TOS violations, why punish me for that?? I have been working on Fiverr for 3 Years now, I was a TOP RATED SELLER Eligible. Please help me out! 🙏
  12. I am looking forward to get in touch with a Fiverr Success Manager or Hire a lawyer for a Petition as my TOP RATED SELLER account has been wrongly Flagged. Help me finding a success Manager or refer to one please!!!!
  13. I have been working on Fiverr Since May 2021, I became a Top Rated Eligible on Feb 23rd, 2024. My account was at first Flagged for INCONSISTENT LOCATION issue, and Now the CS says its "connection with another account that was disabled for violation Fiverr TOC" I respect and abide by the Fiverr TOC, But shouldn't I deserve to know that was my account connected to any disabled account since day 1, for 3 years, or it became on 13 Feb, when the update came? why didn't I received any WARNINGS for it? @Kesha @Lyndsey_Fiverr please guide!
  14. Hello @Kesha I reached them, no luck, I have received the same response (Bot Message). let me re-write to them.
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