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  1. and just to be on the safe side i think you should contact fiverr support and ask them whether the service you are providing is allowed or not otherwise you will face issues in the future
  2. i think its because of game screen shots. i think you should design a new gig image with only the using icons or logos of this game or app of which services you are providing like developers use wordpress logo on their gig images.
  3. Your gig is denied because you have written something in your gig or your gig image or the services you are providing go against fiverr TOS. It probably shows active just because of some error otherwise for now your gig is denied
  4. Sorry to hear that. From the point you mentioned in your comment that buyer contacts you but doesn't give you project I sug gest you to check whether the services you are providing are as per clients requirements or not. Secondly review your prices and see if you are charging too much as compared to others in your gig category. In the last if you send portfolio to clients then also review it and prepare a strong portfolio. Regards
  5. did you changed the number yourself on fiverr if you did then you will have to change it back to your country's number manually. if you didn't then your location will change when you travel back
  6. it worked for me. But if you say that you would get a big boost from it then that's not the case. It acts like a little push for your gig
  7. Hello, hope you all are doing well. I just saw that fiverr released a new feature called monthly subscription which you can sell to your regular clients. Do any one of you know how does this work? and how can you send it your client and what effects does it have on your gig?? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  8. Be Positive And Deliver Good Work
  9. account evaluation is done on 15th of every month.
  10. Repeat buyer badge is a good addition but can anyone tell me what would it be for the seller in it except for a badge showing on his/her profile? I have read the page for this but didn't got my question cleared up
  11. glad you are having a good time here. Best of luck for the future
  12. your buyer must have contacted fiverr support directly and asked for a refund. Your only option is to contact the support and ask them the reason for cancelling the order. But in short its 30% chance you will get your refund.
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