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  1. Don't contact your buyers after they complete an order with you. This is considered spam and will get you in hot water if you make it a habit. OP: Can I ask, have you read the Terms of Service? Your post seems earnest but can I recommend familiarizing yourself with the rules before giving advice? 🙂
  2. I think that forum threads would be more readable if the text column was narrower. As it is now, the text is as wide as my monitor screen so instead of a long column of readable text there is a series of sentences half a mile long. I can't remember exactly what word-wrapping looked like on the old forum but it was more readable than it is here. Right now it's like reading everything in landscape mode. I think it would look better in portrait. I drew a lil example:
  3. Hey fam, hoping someone with some more training than me can help out. I'm totally self-taught and I know I've picked up some bad habits over the years, I just don't know what they are... because I'm self taught 😅 Over the last 6 months or so I think I must have changed a setting somewhere along the line, because my sibilances and plosives are now *extremely* loud. They're loud from the point of recording - I can hear it in the raw audio. Using a de-esser hasn't worked for my esses. I have to go in and manually dampen every single instance... as I'm sure you can imagine, this makes my editing time go from 10 minutes to an hour, easily. I'm at my wit's end. I've tried everything, followed a dozen different tutorials online and I can't figure out what my problem is. If anyone thinks they may be able to help, I can send you a video of my setup/take screenshots of my settings, etc. and send to you via DM. I'd be so, so grateful! Things I've tried: adjusting the angle/location/height/distance of my mic moving my pop filter around/taping things to my pop filter/holding objects in front of my lips to divert my breath adjusting the gain on my audio box using a de-esser (it's possible I have used this incorrectly playing with parametric equalizer (it's also possible I've just used this incorrectly LOL) 🚩SOS 🚩 CHEERS, I LOVE YOU ❤️
  4. 90% of americans are fiberr deficient! Eat your fiberr folks
  5. Nope! It won't negatively affect your page. It's important not to mention it to the buyer or you may get a warning. You got paid for your work, and if the buyer disappeared afterwards without any feedback, that means they're probably happy with the job! Congrats! On average, only about 60% of buyers leave a review. Don't take it personally.
  6. Would this replace the 20% fee? Would it be a flat rate? I guess it would really depend, you know? I'm in a less-competitive market than a lot of sellers, so I'm not sure how it would impact my gigs tbh. I think it's probably harder to fake/steal a voice-over than it is an image/animation.
  7. It's really you call. It's possible the buyer will contact CS themselves to have the order cancelled. Also bear in mind that if they accept the order they may give you a bad review. It's a matter of what you value more: your reviews, the money, or your cancellation rate. Again, they can't force you to agree to mutually cancel. You can stand your ground for as long as you think it's worth it.
  8. Just don't cancel the order. Re-deliver and explain politely that since you delivered according to the brief, AND the buyer is entitled to revisions if they are unsatisfied, that the order is ineligible for cancellation. They can't force you to cancel. Also: Please stop offering unlimited revisions. It makes me so frustrated that sellers still do this. You water down the value of other sellers' time and labor, and you actively invite troublesome buyers.
  9. Don't use the resolution center. How long as the order been open? Have you already responded to the buyer about them wanting to cancel?
  10. Aw man, knock on wood. I've been doing really well for about 2.5 years now but there is always this feeling that it could all dry up at any time. I'm confident in my work, but sometimes I feel like I'm more consistently lucky than I am consistently anything else. I just got cast in a web series for a small role and the producer loves my work so I'm hoping I might have my foot in the door in the industry in case Fiverr ever becomes obsolete for me. But I love selling here so I hope it lasts a long time ❤
  11. Especially now that users are rewarded for replying with cool lil badges. I've seen comments on post that just say "this is a good post"
  12. And it makes me weep 🍃 💡 🍃 💡 All the other ones are in order as pairs 😭🥵
  13. I had a stalker on Fiverr about a year ago that went on for months. Customer Support was extremely helpful and investigated the buyer. Keep in mind that Customer Support can't reveal any sensitive information about other fiverr users so they won't keep you updated after you submit the ticket - but they helped me, so I'm sure they'll help you too 🙂
  14. If you've already mutually cancelled, customer support won't be able to fix your completion rate. They can only help with that if you ask them to cancel on your behalf. Sorry this happened to you. Sounds like the buyer was just trying to get some free work. 😞
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