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  1. I think this is really unfair to be honest. I rarely cancel orders but sometimes you have to, as someone else said, to stay sane. We've all had vindictive buyers who would absolutely leave a bad review for trivial reasons after cancellations. Ive cancelled orders for buyers because they were insulting me or making unfair demands. It's realistic to expect that this means we will have zero recourse for this now.
  2. 😂 what left is there to say? Fiverr becomes more of a hostile environment for sellers every year I stay on. What a joke. I very much look forward to all the backlash being ignored by Fiverr while your top sellers continue to make you millions. 👍
  3. Just caught up on this thread for the first time and wow, the hostility some people have towards sellers, like we are all waiting in the shadows to rip them off, is incredible. I think y'all think we are taking away a much bigger profit from this platform than we actually are 😂
  4. I don't like this. It's spam. I totally understand sellers wanting a leg up, but this feels gross and annoying to me. Most people don't like receiving unsolicited junkmail. I guess I'd be ok with it if there was an obvious way for buyers to opt out, so hopefully if they keep it they'll at least implement that.
  5. I had to turn off "react" notifications because of y'all. Stop that! It's so annoying - I'll have 25 notifications after a week and it's just 1 person going to my profile and liking every comment I've made 😂
  6. Nope! I think I have a business profile active somewhere but I'm not a member of the Plus program!
  7. my bad, I did scroll to see if there were any posts on it already but I didn't search. Didn't mean to clog up the feed with another post 😛
  8. this looks so much better. the toolbar was definitely too crowded before. This is so nice to look at. Nice one guys!
  9. it's working intermittently for me. will probably be back up shortly.
  10. It's my birthday this weekend!! I'm off to Manchester to party for the first time since before the pandemic! Had the best month sales-wise I've had in almost 2 years last month, and a record number of sales the past 2 weeks - almost feels a shame to pause my gigs! Just kidding, can't wait to have 5 days off >:) As a nice birthday surprise, one of my favorite-ever clients came back last week and ordered a HUGE bulk order, so I made some unexpected spending money for this weekend! I'm living my best life right now, truly! Can't wait for a weekend full of greasy food and dancing ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Goodbye twenties! Good riddance, you really sucked. XOX
  11. You're absolutely right and that's what I've ended up doing. I guess I just wish the ToS was a little clearer or gave some more concrete examples. There are so many different kinds of gigs in Fiverr and I feel like some of them could be academic adjascent while still being done in good faith. I'm not personally one to risk it but at any rate, it would be nice to have a clearer picture.
  12. I really don't understand based on this section of the ToS: So where does a narration of someone's proposal come in? I wouldn't be writing anything for them. I wouldn't be offering any advice or doing any "work" on their behalf. I would just be narrating their proposal. I have a feeling the client isn't going to want to work with me any way because it will be extremely expensive to have me narrate tens of thousands of words. But I'd like to know one way or another so that I can let them know. Any ideas?
  13. Hey gwyneth_galvin!

    I want to know something from you. How can I make my buyer truly satisfy while I just submit my work. Have any words?

  14. I do not use milestones. I have a normal delivery in progress and received the same message. Never seen this before. and on the same order, at the top of the page it says this: I just checked - all of my orders say this. 8 days at the bottom of the page, and 3 days at the top. weird.
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