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In less than a month, so close to level 1 Seller

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i think i’m doing well here on fiverr, i started on mid April 2020 and by now so close to level 1 seller in less than a month even though i don’t know about SEO and i think my gigs are not content optimized too (i think maybe) what i admire is the Quality of work and returning clients - that’s make a huge impact on you if you are new seller & yes don’t compromise on your work quality - even though i have almost delayed one of my game project but cover that up nicely, the second thing is communication - the client is not Design literate, you must understand there acronyms and weird wording.

Best of luck guys - Stay Safe

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That’s great! I will also most likely to be promoted to level 2 in just 120 days (you have to be a seller for 120 days to get level 2). I wish all the best for you too, good luck sellin’!

Hello Arnuka

which niche are you i like your testimonies just that mine has been the contrast of your stories i have create two gigs now for more than three months and yet no order. What do i need to do to get orders?.


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