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  1. Just be alert for the next time and try to reply instantly. Hope it will help you to recover your response rate.
  2. You will see only those buyer requests that is related to your gigs. So i think in your buyer request tab you should find the job that is related to your gigs.
  3. Welcome to Fiverr forum. Please send 10 buyer requests everyday. Add a attractive gig image and also optimize gig. Share your gig on social medias. Hope it will work, Thanks.
  4. Actually, when anyone puts a bad review there is nothing to do with it. My suggestion to you send buyer requests properly not in any copy-paste format…first, read the buyer requirements properly and reply accordingly. Also, add relevant previous works links within your offer. Hope it will work.
  5. Why not? when you complete a order the fiverr suggest you to share your gigs for more reach.
  6. Keep Patient…Everyday send 10 buyer request…optimize your gig and share your gigs on social media.
  7. Share your gig on social media in a proper way not doing a spamming. You can also write blogs that is relevant to your gigs.
  8. I got my first job after 3 days from account creation…
  9. Welcome to fiverr forum…best of luck.
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