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  1. My all gigs which were performing really well are all dead now, only one gig have consistent in performance but have not orders, only a repeated buyer is ordering, please check this gig and suggest me what is the problem: https://www.fiverr.com/hinajehan/design-planners-worksheets-calendars-pdfs-using-canva
  2. I have checked your gigs, add some samples to your gigs and design some catchy photos for your gig thumbnails.
  3. It will solve after sometime. It means there is no buyer request fiverr have removed it.
  4. It happened sometime, refresh the page or check after some hours.
  5. Your gigs are not attractive and you have not explained your gigs in detail. You have written a few words about your service in the gig description. Design some catchy thumbnails for your gigs. You can use a free online source canva to design some beautiful images for your gigs. Search some related gigs to your service and see how they have presented their service, follow their steps. Best of luck.
  6. I am a full-time recipe writer and book design freelancer from Pakistan 🙂
  7. The gigs you offer are in a very competitive category, add some samples to your gig, add some less competitive tags, send offers to buyer request.
  8. I think there is no limit for placing order.
  9. Happy new year to all, may this year brings happiness and health to everyone 🙂
  10. Yes, some buyers are like this, now, you should tell him/her that if you want minor changes I can do but for a new song he/she must pay extra.
  11. Do not offer unlimited revisions, now you have to give your buyer revisions until the buyer satisfied.
  12. Yes, it is against fiverr TOS, seller cannot share their real name and contact.
  13. I am not providing the service but I was curious that how seller do that process without preaching the TOS. Thank you for your valuable information.
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