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  1. Hey Noor Muhammad, i know sometimes its hard to attract the buyer - what i suggest is upload impressive visuals for gig PLUS give buyer some discount so they create an offer for you. I hope you will get your order soon
  2. @imagination7413 im sorry if i sounded rude or something to you - 💫 thanks for replying - hoping for good… 🙂
  3. i know - thats not the reason, i really dont care about impressions but what officials said is “impressions are back (with happy emoji)” they must commit and admit that they really lost our data - thats against “OUR POLICY” the policy of people working here - they must admit and apologize. what they do if we say just one useful word in conversation with client “PAYMENT” and boom 24 hours you cannot communicate with your client "if you need Payment integration send me API " (just an example)
  4. Untitled-3551×512 12.7 KBthe GIG showing ZERO - orders completed one month ago i again say - stats are not correct,
  5. Untitled-3551×512 12.7 KBnope - thats not the issue, details of GIG showing Zero “0” completed one month ago - not showing
  6. Untitled-11105×527 40.2 KBanyone else ? if thats not write how my impressions and clicks will be ?
  7. @imagination7413 Untitled-11105×527 40.2 KBwhat you say ? they are playing, if thats wrong my impressions and clicks will be too
  8. i know stats are back - but there are some issues, i’ve completed many orders but its showing 0 orders, not correct - they lost my data or what ?
  9. There is very friendly search engine, known as Google… https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/withdrawing-funds
  10. You need to add fiber in your diet - it will help As far it concerns Fiverr - just know what you going & do what you know you will get orders, deliver best quality
  11. maybe this will help - https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/warnings Each warning will stay active for 90 days from the day you received it. Get 3 active warnings, and you will lose your account. (In some cases, one warning can lead to a permanent deactivation of your account) @ammarshrf 👍
  12. Yes, you can say - just visit my gig its everything in that, my past work experiences and images - what i can do what i cannot - what are my packages, and so on… 👍
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