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  1. I've got 5 minutes from my first ever test as well (I rushed it and I probably got 8.5 or something the first time), but the "Time Taken" does not update for future tests. But I usually finish it within 15 minutes if I do it normally.
  2. I've seen some TRS' videos on YouTube (one of them is "Fiverr Talks"), which as far as I can remember, he said do not ask for a specific review, but "politely ask if they were satisfied, if they do, then telling them to consider leaving (any) review", something along these lines. I don't do that, I don't want to risk it. Some buyers are very sensitive and you can end up in bigger issues. Better stay on the safe side.
  3. When I was a New Seller 1.5 years ago, I always wanted to be more organized. I do remember having an excel sheet and writing buyers, packages they were purchasing, and most importantly, Gig Extras they were interested the most. I did have some formulas within an excel (semi-automatic), which helped me to easily calculate percentage of how many buyers purchase which tiers and extras. That way, I balanced my prices to earn as much as I can with less risk of losing earnings. However, I scraped this idea after half a year of working on Fiverr because of how busy I become and I didn't have enough time to keep the excel document up to date, so I no longer do that. I decided to delete it after some time. Just a brief story how I handled things back then that helped me succeed and reach higher levels quite fast. Not going to lie, I would love something like this to be automated and integrated within Fiverr's Analytics page, I think that'd be a win-win for both Fiverr and sellers to potentially optimize their prices without doing too much work. I would love to hear some stories from other sellers that did anything else in the past but now they don't. This doesn't have to be strategies, but any fun stories, other things as well!
  4. Just click on that notification and you will be redirected to a video and explanation on how it works. Or click here - https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360014487758
  5. @dev_rashikulYou really don't need to copy-paste my message and change 2 words... 🤔
  6. As an alternative, use extensions. I use chrome's "Dark Reader" extension and it helps a lot at night.
  7. I have checked your profile. 3 out of 4 Gigs you offer have "Unlimited Revisions". I would suggest removing "unlimited" from all of the ones you offer. And if the buyer uses X revisions, but they need more Z revisions, you can always offer them to purchase more of those for an additional price. If you offer Unlimited Revisions, you are committed to do all as many changes the buyer requests. CS can't force the buyer to accept the work if they are not satisfied with it.
  8. I do not understand if you need advice or you give advice to buyers/sellers. Are you asking for help or do you need an actual help? From your English I must say it's neither of them...
  9. It's funny because we were all smaller and new sellers in the past. And we were all patient enough to breakthrough the barrier. It takes years to achieve what you wish for.
  10. Damn, that’s a low price per click. I assume your niche doesn’t have a very high price, for writing and more specifically articles and blog posts, it goes up to 30 or 40 cents per click. Hence the lack of profit. My niche is fresh and not overcrowded, yet (and I hope that would never happen). Even if Fiverr currently recommends me to bid $0,42 per click, It’s not worth for me (I’d say my services are under sub-sub category), but I find it the most profitable for me between these prices. And for example, ad prices in my country are about 5 cents per website ad click as well, so I tried using similar prices, too.
  11. Indeed. If services are expensive, then you can profit quite a lot. If someone’s offering services for less than $15, I wouldn’t say it’s worth it. I’m enjoying Promoted Gigs so far. Last month was the best month for me. Reached nearly 300 times in profit without paying much. @teachernita Give it a try, but I found out $0,02-$0,05 per click works best for me.
  12. I always love to see more analytics when available. Coupons are an interesting addition - I can give it a try. Buyer request exposure is meh for me, I don’t use that anyway. I’ll try it If I get a chance. Sign me up 😛
  13. Deal with it. It’s your fault you didn’t read Fiverr TOS To get another warning and then create 3rd account? Uhh… you ever considered taking some time to read Fiverr TOS? Do you even know what that is? No. One account per person. Creating new accounts will get you permanently banned from the platform. That means you will never ever be welcomed to Fiverr ever again and you will be required to find another platform to break the rules and get more warnings. Fiverr Terms of Service: Fiverr.com Fiverr's Terms of Service One marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. Multiple Accounts - “To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active Fiverr account and one active Fiverr Business account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards is a cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.”
  14. Jokes on me, but yeah, hope that would be one-time only thing.
  15. I’m sure it is. I guess we will also now have to answer every time we get a revision from the buyer: "Hey, thank you for your 3rd revision, I appreciate it!"
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