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Never got work from answering a buyer request


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Hi guys, I am on Fiverr for 7 years now, had good and bad times. To get more orders, people love suggesting answer buyer requests, but make it in a customized, polite and detailed way.

I have tried it, did it as a campaign for a month, then some at random times.

The result is disappointing, I have never ever gotten a single 5 dollar order from answering buyer requests, complete waste of time. Not even a “No thank you, I chose someone else”

My observation with those requests:

  1. They are Vague. Very Vague. Based on their description it could be a 5 dollar project, could be a 100 dollar project.
  2. Of course, they rarely want to pay, so most of the requests’s budgets are 5-10 dollars, irrespective of the work involved.
  3. There is fierce competition for orders, some low level sellers are willing to take any work for 5 bucks.

What’s your experience with requests?

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I’ve gotten a lot of work from requests, several of which have turned into long-term clients.

A lot of them are indeed very vague and very cheap, so I try only to apply to the more specific ones and let them know what I can do for them. Although most of the time it’s shouting into the void, I would definitely say that it’s worth the try for me.

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Hello fogi,

To an extent, I agree with what you say. There are a lot of BRs that come across as being on either end of the spectrum – they are either vague or they are very precise with what they want but, for $5, they expect the WORLD.

I am a (relatively) new seller here and just like many other new sellers, most of my clients so far have been from BRs.

Like somaginer1996 said, I have also had my fair share of returning buyers who have also said they’d be coming back for more. Not only that, I was also able to get a HUGE (at least for me, 😜 above $500) order from a BR.

So, maybe it depends on the particular field/niche perhaps? Sending BR offers can also helps with the clicks/impressions.

I wish you the best for your future BRs and hope you get a favorable response from your BR offers soon!


AJ (hanshuber16).

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My experience has been a hit or miss. 🐼

Miss moments

For VO 🎙️ requests they never include an actual word-count but the budget will show something awesome like $5 or $10. Not!

So, I just ignored those. Then, I’ve had requests asking for…

  • Barney the purple :t_rex: )
  • Broadcast rights
  • Split files
  • HQ file
  • 24-hour delivery

Drumroll :drum: please all for a measly $5 bucks. Puhlease that’s a complete waste of time. Nowadays, I’ll just look around to see what’s lurking beneath. 👀

Oh, and then the ones who demand shit like “If you can’t do XYZ for peanuts, then don’t waste my/ your time”. I sit there with this look on my face 😯 like seriously?! I’m wasting my time reading the B.S. :roll_eyes:

Hit moments

I’ve had quite a few 💰 sales in my early selling days here. I definitely don’t rely on BR and visit that area once in a blue 🌕 moon.

Gained regular clients, too. :ok_hand:t4:

Overall: BR is like :swimming_woman:t4: diving into unchartered murky waters, ya never know what you’re going to encounter. 🦈

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