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  1. Depends on how it’s resolved:) Getting an extension thought should not be a problem
  2. I never have buyer requests. Buyers just order my gigs.
  3. yes, it will affect your stats. Your best bet is to convince the client you can do double to work or convert it to any of your offerings. The buyer already lost $2 processing fee already.
  4. Tell CS. Refund. You lost this, you have to move on.
  5. Hmm, maybe time to think Paypal again? Oh wait, Paypal charges a lot to withdraw to a bank account, conversion fees are ludicrous. No thank you Paypal, you screwed up in the past 5 years 🙂
  6. Definitely not by spamming them. It would be awesome if we could do that, but I think Fiverr does not allow it.
  7. He meant not to use the word “assignment” on Fiverr (well, you can use it on the forum, but not in your gigs or messages on the main site). what is wrong with assignment? I just can’t imagine any context where it could be a negative word.
  8. So what is a success manager telling you exactly? Tips on how to make your gigs better? It would be awesome i you could share something!
  9. Is there such a thing as a success manager?
  10. Never use such word here on Fiverr. This might destroy your career as a freelancer. 🙂 (Of course it’s an OT message and just a reminder) I am not sure what you mean by this comment
  11. never work on an unpaid assignment. SAMPLE is something you have done before for others. So no work involved, just showing your skills. If the buyer wants personalize work, place an order first.
  12. I love the rest of your advice, but I’d be careful with this one. Although some clients might view it as helpful, others might view it as harassment, especially if you’re doing it continuously when they haven’t explicitly stated this is something they’re interested in. A better option might be to leave them with a discount when you deliver their order. You could say something along the lines of, “If you ever want to work together in the future, please quote _________ to receive a 5%-20% discount”. INdeed, I did that before when I was low on sales, nd Fiverr considered is spmmingSome clients did not apprecite reaching out.So my dvice is only reach out to 5-10 regular clients, not one time buyers. Always with a custom text.
  13. typical case, the forum is full with stories like yours. Your buyer made a chargeback on his credit card or most likely paypal. In these cases Fiverr deletes their account, removes all funds you have earned and returns it to the buyer. Tough luck they say.
  14. Should be in there in 1-2 days. Even if you can’t find it, it’s there - search in full incognito mode, not logged in!
  15. Haha, so many people need to learn communications! “Hello, can you help me?” is my favorite. Sure, I could if you’d tell me what is it about.
  16. Could this be more vague? 🙂
  17. I have also raised a few of my most popular gig’s prices more than a year ago - I am not getting less orders. I should consider raising all?
  18. Well done! So what is the learning point for others? It’s nice you built a house, you did not even say what sort of service you provide. Also, is this house in San Francisco, California, (3+million dollars) or somewhere in the middle of nowhere, so $50k?
  19. OK, so you are at an early stage of your journey right now. You’ll earn more, don’t worry! Just make sure you advance!
  20. It is definitely possible. What do you mean by being seller number one? Are you a top rated seller?
  21. It is under the buyer requests menu point… 🙂
  22. They can tip you once, I believe any time. But since tips are charged the same as orders, he can submit a new order as well and you just complete it.
  23. not possible. either all or nothing
  24. Well… not really. Especially with complex sentences, they mostly make no sense at all. But I have good news! Practice, improve and you’ll get better, this can change!
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