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  1. I think if you don’t click withdraw in the email confirmation then nothing has happened yet.
  2. I just want some good old beef noodles aka 红烧牛肉面. That, or Beijing Roasted Duck (my family’s from Beijing). Or soup dumplings…actually, there are way too many things I want lol
  3. I’ve never had anyone buy me emojis before, so I guess that’s a first. As a writer, you really should get better at proofreading your own work, though. A lot of buyers can get nitpicky if you have typos in your finished product. “These includes” is incorrect. It should be either “These include” or “this includes”. Also, some of the turns of phrases come off a bit stiff. “Fixing your gaze on the right gig” sounds odd, etc.
  4. You’re a writer, give your gig a proofread. I’m sure you’ll find it! 😉
  5. Usually people say “cup of coffee.” I also don’t really get what that part has to do with the rest of your gig description, but eh.
  6. “Glass of coffee” is an…interesting turn of phrase. Is there anyone out there who actually drinks coffee from a glass? You also have a few typos.
  7. I feel like that’s not enough qualification to be a writer. Plenty of people have great grammar, but that doesn’t mean that they can be professional writers. Having good grammar is a requirement, but by no means guarantees you success. Try showing some kind of talent in your gig descriptions and so forth. What are your strengths as a writer? Play to those.
  8. Don’t do it. You’ll have no way to hold her accountable to pay if you deliver the work without an order.
  9. Do a lot of research, and a lot of reading 🙂 A self-motivating attitude is your greatest help.
  10. Yeah, but placing a minimum hour limit on it isn’t the way to go. You can be here as much and as little as you want. Some successful sellers never find their way here, and that’s fine too.
  11. Your gig seems to be paused? If it’s paused, no one can order from it.
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