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  1. I understand what your intentions are, but it’s very likely that direct messages like that will be counted as spam.
  2. If you’re talking about buyer requests, you’re not supposed to message clients outside of the BR section. Reaching out to them like that is considered spamming. Just send offers and hope for the best.
  3. You can just message them through the inbox without sending offers.
  4. I don’t know if either of you actually read the main post of this thread, but @lloydsolutions isn’t offering to answer your questions. He suggested the search function as something that will help you out much more than any of single forum members can.
  5. Also, maybe sending better requests? What kind of requests have you been sending?
  6. Eh, it’s fine. Not all of us are American, although I get the mistake a lot when I tell people I’ve lived in Asia. Questionable statements aside, I just don’t enjoy being psychoanalyzed (incorrectly) each time I comment on a thread with how I’d do something a certain way.
  7. I did not make any rude comment…I just spoke the truth…It is true that she fears competition from other writers that’s why she is commenting like that…She has been disrespecting and she has been rude towards new sellers too by undervaluing their gigs or experience just because they do not have any reviews on fiverr… I’m not undervaluing anyone’s gigs. I’m just saying that people are more willing to go towards gigs that have more reviews, and that I’m no exception. No need to be rude, my dude.
  8. @somaginer1996 You sound selfish because you fear competition from other writers being that English is not your native language… Weren’t you wishing to make your first sale when you first started on fiverr? Weren’t you wishing that a buyer would give you a chance even though you were new and a novice with no reviews on fiverr when you first started? Its time to give new sellers with no reviews on fiverr a chance just like how you were give a chance when you first started That’s…actually racist, dude. I’m American. You can’t demand me give new sellers a chance if I just don’t want to. Seriously though, what’s with the attitude? Just because I wished people gave me a chance doesn’t mean I have to do something I’m not willing to do.
  9. Yes, but does that mean you have to go through all new sellers and give them a try just because you’re feeling compassionate? Some people might; I wouldn’t. Thanks for the rudeness! I’m a writer, I can’t be the best at math 😛 but you really don’t have to call me “lady”. Way to make me sound fussy! I wasn’t talking about my profile at all, but if you want to take it there…I mean, one 3.7 star review out of 95 isn’t bad. It’s technically not even a negative review lol.
  10. @somaginer1996 People with great reviews also fail to do great work on fiverr too because nobody is perfect… I have seen a lot of sellers with excellent reviews on fiverr that did a poor job there by rendering their previous great reviews worthless… Interesting. Are you a buyer? Is that how you know that people are delivering bad work after 100 reviews? Well, I’ll pose it this way. If someone has 100 good reviews and one negative review, and someone has no reviews, which one would you pick? No one is perfect, it’s true. But bad reviews can also come from bad buyers. And if I’m seeing a 100:1 radio on good/bad reviews, I’m still probably going to trust a seller unless the bad review reveals something that’s 100% the fault of the seller.
  11. Yes, but that’s just the way the platform works. It’s not that I’m judging someone for being new; everyone was new at one point. It’s just that personally, I wouldn’t pick someone with no reviews over someone with many reviews just in the mindset that I’d be giving someone a chance. Anyone can lie about their qualifications and skills, but that’ll quickly fall through if you fail to do good work for clients.
  12. Yeah, but is it really wise to rely on the buyer’s discretion? No doubt, the buyer has to make the choice, but you have to justify it. You’ll need to make the best gig possible, and even then it won’t guarantee you orders.
  13. It’s not a “bad adventure”. I’m just saying that I personally wouldn’t pick a completely new seller. I got pretty lucky as well. For my very first gig on Fiverr, I was the only one who responded to a particular buyer request who could actually do the specific job that was requested, and that won me the gig. I was also very enthusiastic in responding to BR, and wrote very specific tailored requests instead of dashing out template responses.Ultimately that did me a lot of good and I built up a bunch of reviews. Even so, I’d definitely pick someone with more reviews over someone with fewer if I were personally trying to buy a service, unless price made it convenient not to.
  14. I mean…if someone’s looking for a service, can you really blame them for being very thorough when it comes to picking them? Personally, I wouldn’t pick a newbie with only a few reviews over someone with a few hundred. That’s just how things are.
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