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How soon do you reply when you get an order?


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I placed an order for something recently and was surprised the seller allowed an entire 24 hours go by before sending me a response. Is this normal? Am I too impatient? I just wondered about this because I usually respond more quickly when I get an order.

How long do other sellers usually take to respond to a new order?

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I usually respond within 30 mins if the orders are placed in daytime (IST) and respond within 4 hours if orders are placed in nighttime (IST).

It also depends on the various key factors:

  • Number of orders in queue of the selected seller
  • Seller takes time to go through the requirements (if the seller has setup some order requirements).
  • Order Value too place a key role to some sellers response time
  • Buyer’s time-zone (some sellers respond as per their buyer’s time zone so as they don’t disturb their sellers during night (sleeping).
  • Order delivery time is also another factor that affect a seller response time.

It depends from seller to seller. 🙂

I don’t think your case is normal, a seller should at least respond within 24 hours if he/she has been on Fiverr in the last 24 hrs (Last seen status). If the buyer was last seen on fiverr within 24 hours after a buyer has placed the order that means the seller has seen your order and didn’t bother to respond to your order. A buyer should get in touch with seller asap to know that everything is fine with the order or if the seller needs any help if seller failed to respond in 24 hours.

However, it is the duty of the seller to respond to a buyer’s order within 24 hours, atleast with a “Thank You” message and confirming the buyer that he/she have received your order.

Good Luck !!

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Hope you did not order anything urgent. If it takes 24 hours for a simple response you may need to wait two years for the delivery 😀

EDIT: To answer your question in my case usually within a few hours, often immediately - I went back to my inbox because recently I received a record-late answer.

Inquiry sent: Mar 27, 7:58 AM
Answer received: May 15, 9:06 PM

No word about being sorry for the late reply or such…

Answered with: Thanks, am all good now
And received: No problem Sir

So I guess, it is no problem… to answer months later.

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I try to respond as soon as I see the order, which is usually with an hour but has sometimes been several hours if I’m in a situation where I cannot use mobile. I think many people can use mobile most of the time, but lately I’ve had to help my father with medical appointments that take several hours and require 100% of my attention, so mobile is not an option for me then. Understanding that others might be in that position at times makes me less likely to be impatient now if I don’t hear from a seller in the first 8 hours or so.

I have noticed that some sellers don’t write anything even after 24 hours, though, and that usually makes me a tad nervous about whether I am waiting for something that will never come. Apparently, some sellers just don’t see a need to say anything until they deliver. Personally, I would feel like I was not being professional if I didn’t at least say “Thanks” or I received your order" within the first few hours.

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