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  1. Okey imagine that you lost your way back home somewhere and the only way to find your way back is to connect to a wifi after that you came back and you've found that your account got flagged. And they told its a final decision buddy we dont care your just a tool to sell here. And all of that based on AI 🤝. Or imagine that as you know 3rd wolrd country like you me ..... Dont have enough money to but new PC-laptop.. And they bought old one so they can work after that they found that fiverr flagged his or her account OPPS again fiverr dont need brook sellers to work. "Sometimes you need to put yourself on others places" mam
  2. I've been fighting for 2 months straight 🤝 just move on
  3. yonixer

    account flagged

    the fact that this is like a disabling an account what's the point of staying on a platform that took all your hard work and throws it, no TOS no warning nothing just flag account and i talked to the CS 2months ago they said that your gigs we be shown to people but youe level will remain the same. and in Sunday "ABRA KATBRA" my gig is not even on the last page like its not there. so for all the people with flag accounts just go look for another work
  4. me 2 even my account was flagged 2 months ago like all of us but yesterday everything gone i can't found myself on search @milos_siena and even Cs support told us you can share your gig with potential buyers but how we gonna reach to them when we are not even in the last page?? that's crazy
  5. @milos_siena does flag account means disappeare from searche it just happened to me and my account was fallaged 2 months ago due to no reason
  6. did they unflagged it for you
  7. same happened to me my account was flagged 2 months ago and i didn't do anything my impression they where good even after the flag but right now i vanished and I don't know why? @milos_siena
  8. stop saying this lady they will not give you a trophy this is not a small issue 50 percent of the problems of the new level are cuz of flagging so stop hiding the sun with your hand
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