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  1. Fiverr takes 20% from every sale (including tips), and that is why your $5 is deducted (as it's 20% of $25).
  2. Then people will send numbers in zip files, temporary Pastebin links, and the possibilities are endless. The thing is that spam can NEVER be stopped -- nor can it be minimized -- as people are smarter than AI algorithms (at least for now, haha). They will always figure out 20 ways to send a number, no matter how strong the system is. The only solution (and the actual thing that can make an impact) is human input --- reporting the profiles manually. That responsibility falls ONLY on us (sellers).
  3. If a person with 400+ sales does not yet have a basic understanding of how this platform functions and how support works, I have no words. Do you really think that you are going to get a different response than "please report such buyers"? Like, c'mon, what else can Fiverr do? Ban all Indian buyers at once -- or stop operating in India? The only option is to report such buyers, and that's it! Beyond that, neither you, customer support, nor even the CEO of the company can do anything more.
  4. There are so many users providing this service. Just search "animate images and characters with lip sync" in Fiverr's search bar, and you will find many.
  5. Fiverr's algorithm and functioning are not programmed in a way that allows you to rate buyers anything less than 5 stars. You can be hardly punished for leaving an honest rating, as the buyer might retaliate in the private rating that Fiverr sends 24 hours after the order is completed. The system is designed in a way that forces you to leave a 5-star rating. This is how things should be: 1. The duration to leave private ratings should be reduced to 14 days (currently, it's 2 months, which is quite long -- can you believe that). 2. The buyer should only be able to see your review after 14 days, or until they leave a private rating. This will also encourage buyers to leave private ratings, which is a good point for Fiverr, as more buyers will provide private feedback which will allow Fiverr for better evaluation of sellers. And then simply stop working with that buyer on future projects if your experience was not very good. Problem solved (but only if Fiverr tweaks their system)!
  6. My best guess is that it's designed in a way that it won't suggest your own profile (no matter how precisely you ask). I tried asking on my end, and the best part is that you were the first expert that Neo suggested to me! I'm definitely not here to defend Neo. To me, it's still a useless option that no one asked for. I'm not sure if it's even helping anyone --- and even if it is, it's taking a lot of time to fetch the results and get there. P.S.: My query was: "I am looking for a Pro seller who will write or design a multilingual user manual in both English and Dutch."
  7. Yes, that's the reason. Even if you have to block or report someone, it's recommended to first respond to them and then block them. Not replying will indeed affect your Response Rate (no matter if it was spam or scam).
  8. It's not stated anywhere whether it's allowed or not, so it's kind of a grey area. However, according to Fiverr's help center, you are allowed to share WeTransfer links, so maybe use this just to be on the safe side.
  9. If it's uploaded under a CC license, you can use it regardless of who is inside the video. Just make sure that the video is uploaded on a genuine platform by a genuine creator. You may get into trouble for someone else's actions, so it's important to check things in detail. For example, if I download a video from YouTube and upload it on Vimeo with a CC license (even though it doesn’t really have a CC license), so you may get into trouble for trusting me. There are a lot of creators who steal others content and upload it as their own with random licenses. So, make sure to use content only from trusted sources.
  10. No, there is neither a negative nor positive impact from logging in on multiple devices. It simply doesn't matter how many devices you're logged in to, as long as your account complies with the TOS. That could just be a coincidence with your situation, as I can not think of any reason that logging in on a laptop would give you more impressions. Also, there's nothing 'suspicious' about it --- otherwise, Fiverr would not have allowed you to log in in the first place. It's not hard for Fiverr to enforce 'one device sign-in at a time' (like some platforms do), so if Fiverr allows you to log in on multiple devices, feel free to do so without any hesitation. Just make sure that you're aligned with the TOS and do not use a VPN, public WiFi, or even a second-hand device (as there is a chance that the previous owner may have had an account and violated any terms on their account).
  11. That was just one example of how the algorithm works. Of course, it's neither as simple as a math calculation nor as straightforward as I am explaining. The algorithm is far more complex and connects thousands of data points to determine your overall Success Score. My point was just that it doesn’t rely on a simple math calculation.
  12. It doesn't just do a simple math calculation to determine the score. It's far more complex than that. Your gigs with more orders will have more weight, while dead and inactive gigs (or gigs with few orders) won't be given much weight. For example, if I have one top-selling gig making 50+ sales in a month with a Success Score of 10, but I also have 9 other gigs with just 1-2 sales and they all have a success score of 4, my average will still be 10 because my top-selling gig will have more weight. This was just an example, but the calculation is complex and not just simple math. There are many factors considered when calculating your Success Score.
  13. Incognito Browsing Gang 😂😂
  14. There is no way to withdraw a specific amount and you are bound to withdraw the entire balance. Also, you do not need to worry about Promoted Gigs, as they will still run even if you have a 0 balance. The money will be deducted from your future earnings, so feel free to withdraw the entire amount.
  15. It could be due to any of the following reasons: 1. If you used a VPN while surfing Fiverr (or even if Fiverr was open in the background while you were surfing something else with a VPN). 2. If you used public WiFi or college WiFi (where there may be multiple students/persons using the same WiFi while using Fiverr). 3. Using a second-hand device, as there are chances that the first owner had a Fiverr account. 4. If you have two or more accounts, which is against Fiverr TOS. If you believe that you were not engaged in point 1 or point 4 --- and if you are flagged due to point 2 or 3 (or any other reason), reach out to customer support and explain the situation to them.
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