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  1. It's strange, maybe some bug. Reach out to CS.
  2. At last much needed basic feature is here. It will definitely help a lot but I was expecting something like a forum 'quote' feature. What if we want to reply to a question from a long para? It is still missing.
  3. Same for me. Until my 30s (I am 48 now) I used to see lots of horror movies and shows in the theater or on TV without any issues but I don't know over the years when and what happened, now I can't bear to even hear the horror movie sound from a nearby room watching in theater is next to impossible for me.
  4. I guess it's your registered email inbox and not Fiverr's message inbox.
  5. It's because Fiverr does not show live impressions. Tomorrow it will show today's impressions.
  6. Sorry if it's a dumb question, but where are my notifications?
  7. I’ve also received notification for gig promotion. I am thinking, what if your competitor/s clicks on your promoted gig (on daily basis) for no reason.
  8. Disagree, I have seen sellers with more than 100 orders in queue for a single gig.
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