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  1. Yes, seems to be a site-wide issue. I am having it as well. Delivery button - not working Timer - not working UPDATE: Seems to be working on some orders. UPDATE 2: Seems to be working normally now.
  2. Weekend hours off. It doesn’t make any sense to me that you have to be active 247. It’s just not possible.
  3. I love face recognition. It’s super helpful when I am busy and don’t have time writing my password. It also allows me to login to certain apps which support FR as well. I am referring to my Samsung Face Recognition login feature
  4. I’m so sorry to hear that happened. Fiverr takes things very seriously and if any of these violations have some truth in it, even at a first strike can result in an account ban. Fiverr also doesn’t encourage the services you have been selling. Over the years Fiverr has been cracking down and removing these kinds of services. I wonder if you were a victim of that. At this time, the only possible solution would be to open a civil dialogue with support and try to come to terms with why exactly this has happened. Best of luck.
  5. Congratulations. A story of genuine strength, commitment and resilience that made success. It may be your first 1cad, but many more to come with your attitude and approach!
  6. There is a policy of duplicate accounts because certain people were abusing this by ordering from competitors to leave negative reviews and such. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost $100.
  7. I wouldn’t say that any of the responses were negative. You had a fair question and the responses were very detailed & on point. Personally I think targets should be weighted based on the cost. I know a lot of people would disagree, but if I look at it from business perspective then if Fiverr gets a bigger cut then I should have more leeway 🙂 There are developers offering $5 websites. They can do 50 sites in a row and Fiverr still makes less money on them than from a single order from me. But when my order is late I lose a level, while the other guy can miss quite a few orders. Besides, I bet I won’t need CS help for that one order, while the other guy might need CS for 10 orders out of 50. That’s probably why they raised the service fee to get more resources to support those low-priced gigs. So in terms of revenue, it’s better for Fiverr to keep high-priced gigs, but the current system actually seems to favor more lower priced gigs. The 20K target is pretty much the only thing that’s more difficult for low-priced gigs to achieve. For example, if I didn’t do smaller maintenance orders then 20K is easier for me to hit than getting 100 orders. The only reason I did smaller maintenance gigs was to balance out random cancellations where the buyer ordered by mistake. (Although I’ve given up on that, it’s just a badge 😛 ) Yup. I’m fairy certain that these larger orders matter to the Fiverr editorial team when contemplating whether to award the TRS badge. (as well)
  8. Keep yourself surrounded by happy, good people. That’ll inspire you to keep working harder. Yes - gifting oneself is amazing, but consider doing so with things that mean something. I may go out to eat dinner One night - but I keep it to One night! Don’t feel sorry spending money - but make sure you have funds to help you stay afloat. I wish you the best - anxiety is a real issue and struggle for many people - thanks for bringing this subject up.
  9. In their eyes it means - more experience for a seller, at which point Fiverr feels confident allowing them to feature a “vetted” badge that is seen as “superior” in a way. Note that those requirements are simply first requirements for even being reviewed - essentially - that means that in order to ‘possibly’ qualify one must at least meet those milestones at which Fiverr will ‘consider’ allowing you to feature this badge. I had an issue with the very fact that all orders are counted equally when coming to monthly stats (1 order cancelled order affects the cancellation rate no matter if it’s a $5 or $1000 order. - to me, that is an issue. I do feel that price tiers should be in place and that a “lower priced” offer can’t affect so much (again, in correlation to other orders being made) However, I also understand coming up with the perfect system is difficult. As they say “It may not be the best system, but it works” Additionally, given the metrics required to achieve before becoming any level seller, people appreacite the badge more. (in your case, once you become a TRS you’ll feel you’ve crashed the sky and feel super happy) Not the best system. Work needs to be done. Work is being done. More work is being done. Let’s wait.
  10. The truth is, many times buyers are simply unaware of how the process works. I’ve had clients that did not understand how the process worked and spent some additional time discussing how the platform works. If you’re honest, polite and genuine - you’ll more than not turn experiences that otherwise would result in an upset - into a good one.
  11. Say a specific seller charges $5 for their gig and they are making $40,000 per year Take someone else who is averaging $500 per order yet only making $5,000 per year Which of these Two are more valuable to Fiverr? That’s why there are several metrics other than whether you reach any specific criteria. (yes, a lil windy sentence)
  12. Yup (Sorry for being general, I meant to add ‘drivers license’) I do indeed have a drivers license! You’re right!
  13. I have never received my license yet. I have plastic covering my Imac. I have a collection of old coins.
  14. Fiverr spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on development. I truly hope they have a team of sellers - of all levels and backgrounds - that are being asked how can we improve our process(es) for our users. gotte get some air. c yall later. spending too much time singing and not doing. attached. thers proof.
  15. Yeah, I thought so too. It’s not. I only discovered this after trying it. I have had around 10 big projects recently which I would have loved to use a good milestone system on but couldnt. I have also just told a regular client that I will need to split up his $3k order as I can’t create a gig longer than 30 days and that I don’t deliver partial orders. Milestones would be ideal for this order. I really really hope they take your feedback seriously. I have high hopes because they did some changes to the dashboard page after I mentioned some issues. (Not that they listened to me, but changes were indeed made!)
  16. It would be ideal if we were able to add milestones to an existing order.
  17. We have regular seller level evaluations (L1, L2, TRS etc) - I would imagine that Pro evaluation would be by exception - for example if you regularly get consistently low scores, I am sure someone would look into it and have a word. And if things didn’t improve, I could see the PRO badge being lost. The only reason I was asking was because of a particular instance where I’ve noticed on a consistent bases (3+ months) this particular PRO gig had absolutely no sales and had a considerably low rating and was still being promoted as a top choice. Clearly Fiverr has the ability to allow which gigs to be on the top few rows and if they choose the proper services conversions would simply increase. Another thing that frustrated me in terms of sellers doing well, I’m curious as to why the “portfolio” beta or feature is exclusively available to TR sellers. I would think, for conversation purposes allowing this feature to others would only increase conversions and be beneficial for sellers. I don’t know.
  18. I wanted to add - based on a comment above. I’m in favor with the new system in place encouraging its sellers to respond faster, deliver on time etc. I feel like this very update was lacking just 15 months back. I don’t think a buyer should have to wait and “hope” a seller would respond within “a week!” (in some cases) However, on the seller side - We should be able to choose 2 days a week we’re off - for me I’ll choose the weekend when I go up north with my family for break, or for someone else it may be Friday, or Sunday! (and not get penalized for responding later than my usual 1 hour response time - by the way, in a new mobile app update, Fiverr introduced a banner that would show up at night and let the user know it’s night by the seller - good update!) The unlimited revision policy simply sucks and is unfair - if a buyer is requesting more than, say, 3 revisions he clearly is asking for more work - which costs more. (And why on earth do sellers post how many revisions are included with the order, if the order page doesn’t even support it?) This place is BUYER driven - but SELLER provided. EQUAL parties make this a successful marketplace. I can’t seem to understand sometimes who has the controls? I know there are lots of codes to access the dark secret room - but who has those codes? @cyaxrex thanks for that! I’m curious if it they have monthly evaluations just like every other level?
  19. I’ll share one thing. I used to have thousands of dollars in my Fiverr account because I am an active buyer. But after this new change where our revenue earned incurred a fee I have withdrawn all my money from Fiverr and simply use a credit card that’ll provide me with incentives when using it. Even though some can claim a $2 fee isn’t at all much - it is to our bottom line to a small business when trying to save a little. Considering I purchase many gigs, even if I were to save several hundred dollars per year it’s helpful. So to recap: Fiverr added a $2 on Twice earned income I withdrew thousands I now use a credit card for all purchases which cover the $2 fee (through yearly incentives and cash back etc.) Fiverr has lost out because they 1) now pay a credit card fee 2) I stepped up my game using alternative sources because I can. Oh and one of my best selling services always shows up lower than a “PRO seller” with just several reviews and an overall 3.7 score. Testing is good - if they are actual market and result driven tests. P.s. - Don’t take this anyway than I intend - I truly love Fiverr and respect their ideas and choices even if it means adding a fee - I’m simply expressing my view and psychology plays a huge role in it. P.s. 2 - I did not bring up the PRO sentence for any other reason than to explain that quality provided services should be shown first and PRO gigs are generally worthy their badge. P.s. 3 - I’m curious if there is a possibility of losing your “PRO” status? @paulmaplesden (absolutely not you, but in general!)
  20. I have worked from all over the world. Canada, USA and the UK to name a few and have never had any issues.
  21. I never work straight. I always take periodic breaks. It helps me focus and brainstorm better. I listen to music. I have a cool (air conditioned) environment so I don’t get overwhelmed with the heat. I (shh, secret) have a leg piece that allows me to stretch instead of staying in the sitting position when working. I clean my desk once a year 😉 - it helps to have a clean work area!
  22. Fast food? Home baked fresh and scrumptious is my favorite.
  23. There are people who are looking for virtual assistance personnel to complete different and sometime weird tasks so its hard for me to rule out whether it is a scam unless I had an initial conversation with them. To avoid If they are having you do or purchase illegal things, don’t work with themIf your gut feels it’s not a good relationship or project, don’t work with themWhat you can do You can have an initial conversation and see whether this is something you want to doAsk them for some legitimate sources or possibly a Linkedin page they have of themselves.Best of luck - stay safe!
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