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  1. Subscription Model. (Interesting :thinking: ) Expecting great experiences, not great subscriptionsConsumers do not have an inherent love of subscriptions. If anything, the requirement to sign up for a recurring one dampens demand and makes it harder to acquire customers. Rather, they want a great end-to-end experience and are willing to subscribe only where automated purchasing gives them tangible benefits, such as lower costs or increased personalization. Source: McKinsey analysis
  2. Relevant team is working on this bug and it will be fixed soon!! 🙂 @uk1000 If mine is resolved, please do check yours as well.
  3. @vickiespencer Sorry to tag you here!! Is it the same bug that we are discussing about? vickie935×203 14.3 KB
  4. @marinapomorac You are lucky. You don’t have such a bug on your profile even if “up_rollout=true” is added. 👏
  5. It’s surely a major bug on the system and it needs to be addressed.
  6. The fact is that the banner is displayed by the Fiverr system. Let me surprise you as well!! (see attached) unavailable till 17 jan 2021.PNG1396×358 90.6 KB
  7. From what link? Are you using a PC or mobile? When I view the profile after clicking the link from above your gig in the search results it doesn’t add it when your profile is shown then. Also if I click your gig then the link to your profile from the gig page in a logged out Firefox it doesn’t add it then. If I click your profile link from the gig search results in a logged in Chrome it also doesn’t add it and it doesn’t show the “out of office” message, though it does add other things on the end of the URL. Yes, I am using PC. When I logged-in to Fiverr via website, and I click on my profile: it display “up_rollout=true” at the end in the url. Your profile link appears normal? I mean without that weird “up_rollout=true” ?
  8. Case Sent for review again!! I hope it will be resolved soon. 🤞
  9. Please read above reply. @digitalavinash Fiverr automatically adds “up_rollout=true” after the user’s (username).
  10. Sorry, I couldn’t get. What are you trying to say?
  11. I don’t think it will be resolved; just like one of my ticket that I created 2 months ago was marked as solved although the issue is still as it is. My active sales in the analytics section at present still displays “-100”. Now this banner will stick with my profile forever. 😞 active sales as neg 100 solved 2 months ago1053×69 2.19 KB
  12. I had already made them aware but received a response that the banner has been removed. It’s still appearing as it is. Latest response!!
  13. Check the date first. It says I am unavailable until Dec 31, 2020. The date has already passed. Why Fiverr is sending me back in 2020? 2 weeks ago, I had already received the notification that my gigs have been unpaused.
  14. I am available to work but my Fiverr profile says I am unavailable until Dec 31 2020. Fiverr says they have removed the banner but it is still as it is appearing. My gig performance stats have gone all time low. Link to my profile: here. weird bug1347×596 163 KB😞
  15. @mjensen415 There’s a typo in the ebook on Page 17 (spread 9). The information displayed for the seller named “Abhi Chauhan” is displayed as wrong. The user is a seller since 2016. Last Page (Fiverr Branding Colors? compared to last year’s e-book) :thinking:
  16. 👇 Correct!! This thing is handled by Fiverr Editors. However, I have been noticing a kind of biasedness in ranking certain gigs and in assigning “Fiverr Choice” badge as well.
  17. Just because 👇 It was automatic? (it can happen if you are already signed into your gmail account. Tip: Open links in a different browser other than the one that is used to login to gmail account) Or seller? No need to do this. First of all, Check your last account activity You can see your sign-in history, including the dates and times that your Gmail account was used. You can also see the IP addresses which were used to access your account. On your browser, open Gmail.In the bottom right, click Details .Carefully go through the ip addresses mentioned in the window along with the date, time and location. acct-activity1603×609 171 KBJust do a Security Checkup of your gmail account. support.google.com Gmail security tips - Computer - Gmail Help No issues in security checkup2089×797 28.8 KBGood Luck!!
  18. From the Fiverr Help & Education Center, I quote: If you are a Buyer, you will see the option to ask the seller to provide a progress update for this order: You can ask your seller to respond and let you know the status of your order. If the seller fails to update you, the order will be automatically cancelled after two days. Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done. “Stay in touch with freelancers until the project is completed, just like customers do when they buy a product in a store or anywhere else. For some reason, buyers sometimes spend their money and leave the order as it is which results in complications afterwards” -Danijel Rodic – Fiverr Customer Relations Team Leader
  19. First of all, being online 24hrs is not humanly possible unless you are working as a super-human or use some softwares/tools to trick the Fiverr system. This is not allowed and users will be banned soon if Fiverr notices that users are messing with their system in order to outrun other sellers. I am alerting you in advance!! Good Luck.
  20. A message (spam) that resulted in my stats to fluctuate within minutes. I remember your message @frank_d that you asked me in a PM that why do I reply and delete my posts. This is the reason. 👇 Spam-Message-messed-my-stats410×1615 102 KBThe user came to my profile from one of my reply to a post. The message was reported as spam but it still messed my average response time. CS tried his level best to fix the issue and even escalated to a technical department but they couldn’t fix it as well. CS1053×207 85 KBNow I am experiencing a strange behavior; whenever I try to visit Fiverr Forum, the website first automatically redirects me to my dashboard with a weird dashboard link and then I have to retry again. The CS is also looking into this as well. I kindly request users to please don’t contact (spam) me by flooding my Inbox. You are free to create your own post here in the Forum and receive responses of all interested users or reach CS or read articles from Help & Education Center for all needed information. 🙏
  21. Simple Fix: You will need to align the paths to the pixel grid. Make sure to use gridline every 1 pixel with 1 subdivision. The amount of work involved will depend entirely on the complexity of the icon. Remember: Rectangles and Squares will appear crisp if aligned perfectly. Circles and other shapes will have few faded pixels alongside. pixel snapping406×654 13.8 KBGood Luck!!
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