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  1. To be honest, this is a very unfair Fiverr update!!! Many sellers who have a flagged account were successful and did not violate anything serious! And you left us without work, and it is very sad and, in my opinion, not fair 😞 I worried about the rating for 3 years... I did quality work for every client, and now I am treated by Fiverr as unnecessary for them!
  2. Hello 🙂 Is there anyone who has a flagged account but can find their gigs in high positions in the search as before?? Or will everyone with flagged accounts lose their ranking on Sunday, April 21? And no one can find themselves in the search?? I will be grateful for the information
  3. @milos_siena is it true that Fiverr downgraded all flagged accounts a week ago?? or is it just a coincidence… please let us know so we don't waste time hoping that everything will be fine 😞 we will be very grateful 🙂
  4. Believe me, this is the end for us!! Fiverr have thousands of sellers and can do without a few of us! This is really very sad!
  5. did this update start working on sunday?? Because my account has been flagged for 2 months and the rating was high as usual! But now my gig is nowhere to be seen! So I take it this is the end, right?? Then there is no point in working for Fiverr 😞 4 years of hard work and more than 1000 reviews and hundreds of satisfied customers in one day Fiverr took it all away! This is very sad and not fair! thank you
  6. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the flagged accounts were simply removed from the search!!! It is very sad!!! Most likely, our journey with Fiverr is over 😞
  7. Hello 🙂 Tell me, please, does the account flagged affect the ranking of the gig in the search?? Or Is the seller success rating still the main factor in the gig ranking even with a flagged account?? No one can answer this question 😞 I will be grateful for the answer... Thank you
  8. Hello 🙂 I have already come to terms with the fact that my account is flagged and that unfortunately I can't do anything about it! But since the support service told me that a FLAGGED account does not mean that the position of my gigs will disappear from the search system... and it is true... for a month my gig remained in high positions as always, but yesterday it disappeared completely. No matter what filters and keywords I enter in the search, my gig is nowhere to be found! Why can it be?? Is it related to FLagged Account?? Help me figure this out!! thank you 🙂 @Lena @milos_siena @Kesha
  9. Will it be possible to sell on the platform and have high gig positions in search if the account is FLAGGED?? Also, has anyone managed to raise their success rating?? and what did you do for it?? Fiverr staff also promised to update the information and inform the community how to continue working with the flagged account!!! We are really looking forward to it 🙂 It is very exciting for us, for many of us FIVERR is the main income... Thank you !!!! @Lena @Kesha
  10. Can I ask you something as well?? How do you enter "Trap mix" in the search, will my gig be in the top 10?? I will be very grateful if you check 🙂 Thank you 🙂
  11. I received dozens of times the same answer that my account was linked to an account that violated the rules and was deleted! But to which one and why should my account be flagged because of this?? I was a TOP RATED SELLER before that! I have been working hard for this for a long time 😞
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