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  1. The articles and blog posts sub cat is always busy for me - at least when I am not in OOO mode!
  2. Hallo! I have a friend who is looking for SEO and PPC services - she posted a Buyer’s Request and has been inundated, and finds it almost impossible to pick the right people. I believe that several regulars on this here forum offer SEO and PPC services - and I would trust you to deliver good services. If you have some time in the next couple of weeks, please post here or PM me and I will pass your details on. I plan to respond to my friend before tomorrow morning, so if you can help, please get in touch. Thanks! Just to be clear, I only want to be contacted by people I personally interact with on the forums, and who I know well enough to recommend.
  3. There have been lots of changes on Fiverr over the last 6 - 7 months - introduction of a new level evaluation system, more marketing of Pro’s, and a realignment of the marketplace. It looks like this is all designed to make the company more attractive as it looks like they’re moving towards an Initial Public Offering (where they go public on the stock market.) Clearly they want to be more attractive to investors, which means showing an increase in revenue, creating more repeat demand for gigs, and launching premium services. It also partly explains all of the tests of the platform and changes like greater fees, as they explore variations to drive revenue and profits. If they go ahead, expect to see more streamlining and a drive towards greater profitability.
  4. Another excellent post here (I can’t seem to edit the original post to put this in, so just adding it here).
  5. I try to collect together all the best links in that thread, so thanks Lucy for posting it in the first place.
  6. Thanks everyone - I love it just as much when people link others to it - it saves people having to retype the same thing, and is a win-win for everyone.
  7. Gotcha! :ok_hand:t4: I totally forgot you’re a 🍄 Here, enjoy a yummy vegan pizza! See, how sweet & thought I am? 🤭 landscape-1518804557-vegan-pizza-recipes.jpg980×490 118 KB These look AMAZING! Now I want Pizza IRL, despite having eaten some yesterday…
  8. No cheese or meat please, and I’ll take you up on that!
  9. Hi, I am a Fiverr Pro seller, and I would say not to view these guidelines as “set in stone.” Both myself (writer) and my wife (editor) applied for and were accepted for Fiverr Pro, so I think I have enough insight to respond to each of your points. Neither of us use any of these sites extensively. I occasionally log into LinkedIn, but that’s about it. I have my own portfolio website (just a SquareSpace site, which you can easily find to see what I offered as a portfolio.) I do not have a presenece on any of the other sites mentioned there. I never post to Twitter, and my Facebook is purely for friends and family, not business contacts. This is correct, and this is what I offered as “social proof” - a good quality of work, collaborating with known businesses, and demonstrating a professional approach to business relationships. I think this is one of the most important areas if you do not have the network effect proof that I talked about above. Most of the work I submitted was ghostwritten, so it did not need to have a byline from me. I don’t recall having to submit formal documents, especially as I didn’t really have anything like that (although my wife did) - I am sure this will all help your application. I wrote a lot more about getting accepted as a Pro seller on the Fiverr blog, which you may find very useful. You can find that info here: https://blog.fiverr.com/a-best-practice-guide-to-becoming-an-fiverr-pro-seller/ Hope this helps, and good luck!
  10. You’re very welcome, I am just delighted that it is being shared so widely - the plan was for exactly this sort of thing, and I am grateful to you and everyone else for sharing the content.
  11. This may be controversial, but to me it looks fine - just gives the buyer a little bit more information about the seller if they don’t look at the seller’s profile page. The only issue I have is the positioning - it should be below the description, other than that. I just don’t see a big issue…
  12. This is excellent, adding it to my seller resources
  13. This is excellent, I am going to add it to my new seller advice resource post.
  14. I deliberately obfuscated my real name as much as possible when setting up my account.
  15. Another point here, you can write a gig description and FAQs to specifically answer those interview questions - If you’ve thought about this upfront and included it in your gig, a buyer is likely to spot that and may save you the trouble of a quick consultation. Case in point, most of my orders are typically $250+, but I answer a lot of questions in gig descriptions and FAQs - only about one in ten buyers wants to ask me lots of questions or something approaching a consultation.
  16. Most sellers are not going to say “don’t message me” because they don’t want to appear unfriendly. Also, responding messages takes time, even if you just write “not interested.” Well, I was a TRS and I didn’t get demoted for the way I treated buyers. Besides, a message-sender is not a buyer, in fact, we don’t know what he is until he proves his intentions. This may well be true (I believe you got demoted due to not meeting level requirements) - however, if you want to get re promoted to TRS, then communicating well, adding value for clients, and treating them in an excellent way is likely the surest way to get TRS back.
  17. You think all those people charging $100 to $1,000 are getting bombarded with messages? I never said they wouldn’t. I agreed with most of what you wrote, except for the interview questions. Besides, sellers that wish to be contacted can say that in their gigs. We should never assume every seller wants to be contacted. I met one TRS seller who spends 1-hour a day answering messages from the night before, while he was sleeping. Time is a limited resource, and if I was in his place, I’d rather spend it doing orders than answering queries. But, answering messages and giving value to potential buyers is very likely to be part of why he’s a TRS.
  18. I really want one, but I’m afraid I will drive the whole house mad with the noise… The one I have isn’t too noisy - It’s a Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches, and cost me just under $100 (which is, of course, tax deductible 😉 )
  19. Something else that really helps, especially if you’re a writer, is a mechanical keyboard. I bought one about 18 months ago and wish I’d bought it 18 years ago!
  20. Beautiful colors in those shots - you live in a stunning part of the world.
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