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  1. This is excellent, adding it to my seller resources
  2. Beautiful colors in those shots - you live in a stunning part of the world.
  3. Car - Subaru Forester = Sensible, safe, with a pipedream of someday being rugged…Bed - Memory foam, untidy = “I might be sleeping well, but they’re still coming to get me!”Dress - Jeans and polo shirts = I work from home, why do more?
  4. You ain’t seen nothing yet 😃 It’s just how our roads look like 🙂 You need to have a strong and high ground car for this country - no low ground cars allowed 😃 20130715_194359.jpg3264×2448 2.8 MB I didn’t think any road could look worse than our road - How wrong I was…
  5. Yes, it is one of very few pictures she allows me to take. She claims the camera will swallow her soul. I took advantage of her joy at getting a new vehicle…
  6. I am a liberal, living in Asheville, so owning a Subaru is mandatory…
  7. While this is true, I still maintain it’s extremely difficult - here are the stats for the US: “In 2016, there were 9.4 million individuals with net worth between $1 million and $5 million, 1.3 million individuals with net worth between $5 million and $25 million, and 156,000 households with more than $25 million in net worth, the report says.” This is a total of 10.8 million millionaires in the US, compared to a population of 325 million - which is less than 3.5% of the population. Remember too that this isn’t just people with a million dollars in their bank accounts, this is where combined assets are $1 million or more (so cash, investments, property etc.) I expect if we were just to look at people with $1,000,000 in ready cash and investments, that number would be far lower. I do agree that people can become self-made millionaires, but they are by far the exception. One needs extraordinary luck and extraordinary effort to make it that big.
  8. Unless you are born into a wealthy family, or have extraordinary luck and privilege, becoming a millionaire is extremely difficult. It’s not about hard work, dedication, or good ideas - although those are all important - because if it were down to those things, we would have far more millionaires! While its true that many people in Western society will earn quite a lot more than a million dollars in their lifetimes, expenses and costs eat up vast portions of that, so much so that the average wealth of an American family is as follows: This is despite fairly high median incomes: So it’s not about working “smart” or “hard.” If you really want to be wealthy, you need to: Maximize your income, either through charging more, demanding a higher salary, becoming more efficient at what you do, or working longer hours.Minimize your costs and expenses by eliminating luxury spending and budgeting so you only spend the absolute minimum.Paying off all your debts so you don’t pay any interest.Investing for the medium- to long-term, in a diversified portfolio.That’s it - I am sorry to break it to you, but there are no hacks, short cuts, or other ways to significantly increase wealth. Yes, work smarter, but not because it’s going to make you rich, but because it’s a more pleasurable way to live. Also, the older I get, I realize it’s not as much about wealth, it’s about quality of life, and the time I spend doing what I love, rather than the number of zeroes on the end of my bank balance. I also realize that one of the things I love doing, is working as a freelancer, so that’s a reward in and of itself.
  9. Nah, they’re both just mixed-breed rescue dogs. We think Kaya is a whippet / staffy terrier cross, and Juna we think is a Carolina dog / Boxer mix. And you’re right, we definitely have a thing for brindles! (Apologies for derailing the thread, by the way, here is a picture to get things back on track.)
  10. But it is close IMO Well, I can say the same thing about you and your handsome dogs. 😉 Gosh, I hope you don’t act stuck up now. 😄 Aww, like duh! You gotta give her a yummy treat for me. 😁 Speaking of treats, I’m off to nom-nom on dinner. 🍴 Dessert: 🍓 The thing is, Kaya isn’t even the pretty one - that honor goes to Juna (on the right)… This photo shows Kaya in her more natural, “derpy” phase.
  11. I just told her she was cuter than me, and she gave a friendly woof and then tore all of the stuffing out of her new toy. In doggy language, this means “duh!.”
  12. This is awesome and it sounds like you are definitely going about this in the right way. I wish you every success I can.
  13. With a dog sitting in my lap, although it does make typing difficult. Kaya, what do you say? Dog puts paws on keyboard {JIO{N UHDH(PHDGU&DH D
  14. Most sellers with Pro status are not TRS as far as I know. Paul is a level 2 (with 14 day clearance probably?) so if he gets demoted, it wouldn’t be to TRS. BTW, I’m sorry to everyone who lost a level in this smashup. I was only “saved” by 3% so I may be next. This thread is more of a rant than a suggestion, though. I am a level 2, but Pros actually have 7-day clearance of funds - one of the benefits of the badge, I believe.
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