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Just Leveled Up To TRS


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Just got the notification that I made TRS about 10 mins ago.
I can’t tell you what the criteria was other than what’s listed.
I’ve been a Level 2 seller for 4 years (almost) and, like many, met the analytics listed over the last 60 day period.
I’m happy to have made the cut, but nothing changes for me. I’ve always over delivered, mostly on time (98%) and a tend to not cancel orders or deliver and extend times as a general practice.
For me this IS my full-time profession (voice and multimedia) on and off-fiverr, so maybe because I’m online about 12 hours a day helps.
I’m not rubbing it in on anyone who didn’t make it, or down-leveled.
For me, the pressure is the same no matter the level. I was a happy and successful level 2, now I’m a happy and hope to continue being successful TRS.
Keep on Fiverring!

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