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  1. Know it's an old thread but I use Adobe Audition and have since...forever. For me it's easy of use and integration with other Adobe design products that I use make it a no brainer. I still use ProTools if a client calls for it, but Audition is my go-to.
  2. Yes. Maybe not the 3 hour talk-time, but yes. Many buyer want more for less. It’s the nature of the platform and freelance, in general. You are not obligated to justify or even quantify the reasons for your rates and services. Those are unique to sellers. You have an insight that a lot of sellers don’t and that is that you have fiverr-rates and non-fiverr rates (for projects not on Fiverr). That means you know the difference, but your non-fiverr rates don’t apply to fiverr. You can’t forget what you know and what you believe is fair, but fiverr is a different animal and the ecosystem allows buyers to negotiate and often undervalue a sellers work. It happens to many, if not all, of us.
  3. Just had a client (buyer) ask if I could do 2 additional samples with my delivery. This was after an agreement for one video/one format. The answer was, yes, for an additional fee of $$, I’d be happy to. They decided they didn’t want to pay extra, so one version is what they got. The issue here is that you acquiesced to your buyer’s demands initially, now they expect you to do so. Simple solution V1 - Cancel the order, move on. Simple solution V2 - Deliver what you promised, no more, move on. Bad review, so what? You don’t control what a buyer may/may not say or do. You only control what YOU do and say. Bad buyers are an issue, but not worth the extra time to stress over. A bad review doesn’t make you a bad seller…it’s just a review.
  4. What’s the question, or the problem? Buyers expecting you to charge less than you’re asking??
  5. iPhone 12 Pro Max, but I use my iPad pro mostly for Fiverr mobile.
  6. Same here - limited new client messages, mostly repeat business and I’m a TRS also. As with most others, I belive it is a combination of factors…a perfect storm, if you will. And as with any other slow downs that have occurred in the past, I simply take this as an opportunity to revaluate my gig structures and other avenues. I’ve been on Fiverr for 7 years and this (May 2021) has been my worst month since my first month. Ebbs and flows have become the norm. But we adapt.
  7. Hello, You SHOULD use professional software, but if your mac is all you have then you can change your settings in Preferences > Advanced and change them to either 16 bit or 24 bit. I think the default setting is 16bit. Garage band DOES allow to you export in .wav format. It’s not your microphone that handles the settings, that’s simply your input device. You need to familiarize yourself with your laptop, the audio software, in this case Garageband and it’s settings. You can check support.apple for help, but you’ll still need to find your way around. Again, your editing software determines your settings, not your mic. Good luck.
  8. There is no such thing. Like you said, it is different from everyone AND varies from day to day and other external factors out of our control. Best of luck and welcome to Fiverr!
  9. I work on my desktop, laptop and respond to messages on those two, as well as my tablet and cell phone at home, office and traveling and I haven’t had any issues in over fiver years.
  10. Hello, I’m Markus and I’m a voice actor (among other things) on and off-fiver. I mainly specialize in character/video game/narration voice overs, but I do more commercial work off-fiver. I CAN play the piano, but only as a means of relaxation…and Christmas songs are my go to! 😀
  11. One word “RELAX”. Every review will not be a 5-star. It happens. Sometimes buyers leave one because of your work, other times it’s in spite of it and they’re angry. You can’t change that. All you can focus on is delivering the best quality work going forward. As @genuineguidance said “…don’t chase buyers for a review…”. To be clearer, don’t chase reviews at all. Focus on what you CAN control and that is the quality of your work. Given enough time on this site most of us get one-star reviews. I choose to concentrate on the positive ones instead…and wear the negative ones as a badge of honor. Stress LESS.
  12. Slippery slope. As I understand it comes to to Fair Use, which has a lot of levels to be met, but generally I’d say know. Assuming your clients doesn’t own the copyright, nor permission from the artist or his/her reps, it’s for commercial use, you’d be using a chorus and not just loose lyrics, etc. I’ve only run across it once and the biggest hangups were: Are you getting paid, do you have permission and could the artist be made to loose money? It shouldn’t be that big of a deal on a small scale, but I tend to stay away as it doesn’t easily fall under fair use. Google and check out the fair use doctrine for music and/or lyrics. I’m only speaking from a past experience. Good luck!
  13. It’s been a loooooooooooong time since I was a new Seller, but if you work long enough on Fiverr it’s almost a certainty that you will get the dreaded Lonely Star rating. It happens. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it over time, with more orders (I don’t know how many and I don’t know how long) it will simply become less important in reviews, ranking and, more importantly, in YOUR mind. It’s statistically impossible to make EVERYONE present a 5-star review. 25% of my Buyers don’t leave reviews at all 🤨. It happens. My advice, for what its worth, is the same advice as getting a 5-star review…and that is: focus on the next project and the one after that. Fiverr is a numbers game that you can only win with more numbers. A 1-star review hurts if you have 4 reviews, but if you have 400 reviews, then only .25% of your orders are 1-star - negligible. Look forward to the next order and delivery. Thats what you control. Personally, I’ve printed out my 1-star reviews. They serve as a reminder that (1) you can’t always make everyone happy and (2) A bad review doesn’t make one a bad seller…its JUST a bad review. 👍
  14. Just checked…again. Now it’s showing delivered and no count down clock. Looks fixed. 😮
  15. Same here. It will show as a delivery, but the timer still counts down as if it wasn’t. Bug. Contact CS already
  16. This topic has taken a wide turn. Suffice to say that morality, too, is subjective. It can’t really be referred to without reference to the/an individual or a group of individuals (a society). We could get into a debate about what are and are not considered accepted practices accepting jobs, vetting clients, following up on work (public sector vs private sector) and we’d both end up dizzy for the circle that we’d spin in. There is no right or wrong, simply an opinion base on experiences and the circles we consider our societies.
  17. I do voice over and video creation work. Many of my clients are not the end-users of my voice or video work. Company “A” hires Advertising Company “B” for a commercial voice over. Advertising Company “B” gives Company “A” a rate of $150 for a 30 second voice over. Advertising Company “B” hires me at $75, gets the voice over and makes $75 for it. “Wrong” and “Right” is subjective, “Illegal” is equally subjective and varies by jurisdiction. As is “not good business” I am not responsible for Company A’s information being passed on to me by Advertising Company B. We do not vet the information of a project request on this platform…it’s freelance, no contract and whether they, whomever “they” may be have been given permission, express or implied, in practice, is irrelevant to how projects are obtained and delivered on this platform. Your assumption that I do not confirm or validate permission is factually correct, but only because it doesn’t matter. If it did, I would. I offer a service on fiverr at $xx. A buyer selling it for $xxx doesn’t matter, I set my prices. I do the same thing as a buyer and seller in my off-fiverr life. Since Fiverr is not my only source of income and revenue I leverage economies of scale. The more projects I get from everywhere, the less I make per individual product, but the more I make overall. There is a direct offset, so I focus on the average sale price company-wide. A bit off-topic, but I tend to be verbose in my responses.
  18. Basically ALL, or a large portion, of my work is resold. There is nothing against it. It’s a standard buy low, sell high transaction where you are the middleman/provider.
  19. As mentioned there is soundproofing and sound absorbing. The more viable solution as you are starting out would be sound absorption. So, yes, acoustic panels help with sound absorption…to be clear, any ‘soft’ surface or surfaces in your recording environment will help deaden noise, echos or sound bouncing. Sound ‘proof’ curtains, carpet or rugs on the floor a sofa or chair in the room, panels or a towel on the desk…etc. In my opinion, the keys to your recording quality are a good, unidirectional mic, the ability to edit our ambient noise in your track and your ability to deliver a read on a good script. The rest you’ll pick up as you go along.
  20. There are plenty of microphones to use, but it mostly comes down to your set up and budget. The Blue Yeti or the Rode Podcaster are good if you’re going direct USB. I use a Rode NT2-A and the Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone in-studio, and the Blue Yeti, when on the road. “Best” will depend on your set up, your physical recording environment (how soundproof it is) and how you edit…all to get to your delivery track. Good luck.
  21. Yes. Videos from sites like Pexels and Pixabay are royalty free and can be used, without attribution (credit to the creator). You can use the videos in your work. What you can not do is sell the stock video as your own. Hope that helps.
  22. I recently…very recently had a client on a complicated video project, ask for a 3rd revision (only 2 were provided and accepted with the offer). They requested 4 cancelations after I refused to revise a video for free. I never accepted the cancellations. The project auto completed and the client left a 1-star review. My thought…oh well. Key point: I got my fee and moved on to the next 5 star review on the same day. I refuse to work for free and, unfortunately, there will always be buyers that try to manipulate the revision system. My reviews are over 99% positive. I choose not to focus on the 1 out of 100 or so products that can not be salvaged. Unlimited reviews are a mistake in my opinion. It’s potentially the project that never ends. Despite striving to deliver 5-star projects every time, there will ALWAYS be a bad one. Work long enough…work on enough projects and you’ll find that you’ll never have a 100% perfect rating. The call to keep providing revisions past the agreed upon amount is yours to make. Above all other things this is a pay for services platform. Working for free or at a diminishing rate is never the answer. Again, just my opinion.
  23. I didn’t say it wasn’t a 4-syllable word, I said it isn’t JUST a 4-syllable word, meaning that it (the word) has meaning beyond the number of syllables it takes to pronounce it, but if the intent was lost, the rest of the message still applies. Attention to detail.
  24. We all started somewhere. Days, weeks and months early on without getting any orders. Couldn’t maintain traction or take advantage of Buyer’s Orders to save my life. Those that are are from 3, 4,5, 6…7 year or longer are still around for a reason. Perseverance isn’t just a 4-syllable word… If you were Fiverr would you promote and market someone who whine about not being a trusted seller, TRS or keeps asking for help from the same people on the platform who simply keep working OR would you promote and market the sellers that produce? Complaining about a business model that you want to be a part of and take advantage of is about as productive as sticking your hand in the cage of a lion, then complaining that the lion ripped off your arm. The lion is just being a lion, and Fiverr is just being a business. Change your situation. If that doesn’t work, the change your attitude. Adapt and survive, or don’t. Not meaning to be harsh, but that is the cold reality of freelance work…not just on Fiverr. If I got knocked back down to a level-2 seller tomorrow, I’d be doing the same thing I’m doing now…because I’m still here…as are we all.
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